Considering Mekk-Knights

Other than the highly-anticipated Link VRAINS Pack imports and the exceptional Skulldeat, the Chained Dracoserpent, there isn’t a whole lot about February’s Extreme Force that TCG players are looking forward to.

Two of the three new archetypes introduced in the set, Tindangles and the legacy Mythical Beasts, seem destined for the back tables at best and the bulk boxes at worst.

Mekk-Knights on the other hand…well, I see a lot of potential in those guys.

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First Thoughts: Invoked Link

Invoked has become one of my favorite decks of all time. From the first time I saw the OCG builds of Windwitch Invoked Artifact, I knew what I was playing when February 2017 rolled around. For the past nine months, Invoked has been my most reliable deck, gaining me weekly tournament tops. I’ve experimented with dozens of builds, from the anti-Zoodiac Windwitch Invoked Artifact to Invoked Zefra to handtrap turbo to Invoked True Draco, my current tournament deck.

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Considering Goat Format Techs 1: The Will of a Mystic Gorilla

“Goats,” the fan name for the format that occurred between April and August of the year 2005, has become a popular alternative for players disillusioned with either the pace or balance of modern Yu-Gi-Oh. The format is much slower, with games usually taking more than ten turns, and has the reputation of being more skillful.

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