The Problem with Overly Diverse Formats

A common opinion I see among the Yugioh community is that when a format is diverse, that usually means the format is healthy. Conversely, when the format is healthy, the format is typically diverse. I’d like to critique that claim and talk about instances where we saw healthy diverse formats and where we saw unhealthy diverse formats. Spoiler alert: I would argue that the format we are currently in is an unhealthy diverse format. It’s good that Firewall Dragon got banned, but that doesn’t automatically mean the game is fixed.

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Advanced Sky Striker Strategies

A bit of time has passed since the landmark 200th YCS events happened simultaneously in Columbus, Utrecht, and Mexico City, where we saw the first major tournaments of the new competitive year. Walking away from that event, many seem to be feeling that Pure Sky Striker is the most powerful deck of the format. I’d like to critique that claim, and talk more in depth about the intricacies of Sky Striker. What important aspects separate the pros from the amateurs?

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