TCG Meta Snapshot: Salamangreat March 2019

Salamangreats are an archetype made meta by the recent Soulburner Structure Deck. They’re a very consistent combo deck that sets up boards consisting usually of a slew of traps with more hand traps backing them up. The main strength of the deck comes not from the deck’s ceiling, but from its extreme consistency and durability. The abundance of one and two card combos lets you perform the same plays to accrue advantage turn after turn. The deck also has strong OTK potential with link climbing combos.

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Format History: Early HAT Format

HAT Format, arguably the most diverse format in Yugioh history, lasted from the release of Primal Origin in May 2014 to the release of Duelist Alliance in August 2014. Over 10 distinct decks were considered meta during this time, including Sylvans, Geargia, Lightsworn Ruler, and of course the titular HAT.

What was it that caused HAT to be such a diverse format? Through an in-depth analysis of each period of the format, I intend to try to answer this question, while studying the development of the format along the way. This article will look at the Early HAT period from the release of Primal Origin to Structure Deck: Realm of Light.

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