Understanding Pot of Desires

Is Pot of Desires a bad card? Is the card too strong? On the other hand, is it too risky to play? It depends. This is probably the not the greatest answer. However, it is important to explore why this is the best answer to such a question. Most duelists likely already know Pot of Desires is splashable in every deck but is not worth splashing into every deck. In most cases, this card makes the rich richer, and everyone else not so well off. Take a look at the mathematical reasons why.

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Size and Power

In Solving the Trap Card Paradox, Patrick Hoban coins two terms to define two deck types. There are large decks and small decks. Paraphrasing Hoban’s definitions, large decks have many plays at their disposal, and such plays require minimal investment to achieve consistent success. Conversely, small decks have fewer plays and require a significant investment. Larger decks have an advantage against smaller decks. In other words, on average, the deck with the most plays at their disposal will win more duels.

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The Magic Number

There is no single aspect of creating a competitive deck. However, the best decks feature at least five elements elevating it into a realm with few peers. According to Reddit user I_Am_Not_Me, a top tier deck features the following elements: consistency, resource recursion, pressure, defense, and the ability to toolbox its way out of specific situations created by an opposing duelist. How can one individual accurately define such traits or qualities of whatever deck they are building? Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way of figuring this out, albeit with one exception, consistency.

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