Empty Jar in Goat Format

Almost all of your favorite Goat players have personally requested to me at one point or another that I not write this article. The deck I’m about to show you is so broken that it’s on the table for being banned in three Magic formats and one Pokemon format. It’s so cheesy against unprepared opponents that it can destabilize entire competitive communities with its presence. As Edo once said about a deck that was not even close to as good as this one, “Its nastiness and pure cheese factor would give anyone lactose intolerance. It is one of the most evil decks in the world of Duel Monsters, and should NOT be taken lightly.

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Gravekeeper’s in Goat Format

Gravekeeper’s in Goat Format is a deck and a strategy that, I feel, needs little introduction. One of the first true archetypes released in the game, Gravekeeper’s have seen play off and on since their release, and even today you still see duelists trying hard to make them work. I played Gravekeeper’s back when Goat Format was live, though not as my main deck. I played them in 2008 when I tried to get back into the game, and again in 2014 when I tried to get back into the game again. Needless to say, I really, really like Gravekeeper’s.

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Chaos Recruiter in Goat Format

Chaos Recruiter, in Goat Format, is a concept that is actually somewhat modern. Though recruiters have been around since Magic Ruler dropped, they only saw sporadic play. Mystic Tomato saw the most, especially before Goat Format was live, notably in Tomato Control during the era of Yata-Garasu. But they’ve fallen by the wayside in the modern era, be it current or in Goat Format. Except when it comes to Chaos Recruiter.

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Alternate Format Analysis – Skilled Chaos in Goat Format

Goat Format has a lot of different strategies and decks that you can play, despite having a small card pool. One of the bigger challengers to Goat Control today is Skilled Chaos, actually. It’s a powerful build, and Skilled Chaos in Goat Format is a really strong control deck. In this article I’m going to lay out the build, talk about the card choices and why the deck plays what it plays, and some of the basic strategies that it employs.

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Alternate Format Analysis – Goat Format Chaos Control

Chaos decks have come a long way in Goat Format. Back in 2005, “Chaos” often referred to Goat Control, because Goat Control had evolved out of the old “Cookie Cutter Chaos” decks of the day. But come the Revival Period of Goat Format, in 2012, Chaos Sorcerer started to see more interest, and led to the rise of Chaos Turbo. Goat Format Chaos Control decks came a bit later.

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