Why Watts Would Work Well

“Watt” is an archetype of fairly weak LIGHT monsters that have battle effects. These effects activate after attacking directly or when destroyed by an opponent’s card. As nearly every monster can help to disrupt your opponent in some way, they can be useful in control strategies. Whether it’s inflicting direct damage or removing problem cards from the field. With this in mind, I believe Watts could return to the meta in a meaningful way. This article will highlight the reasons why Watts would work well, and how they have an electrifying impact alongside one of the top decks.

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Duel Terminal World Lore – Part 1

Duel Terminals were real-life arcade machines that were released during the introduction of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. These machines offered the chance to play the trading card game with special “DUEL TERMINAL” Edition cards. These cards would be rewarded to the player after every game. Within these games, a narrative was created that tied various monster archetypes together in a world of their own. This series will explain the storylines presented through the Duel Terminals and Yugioh Master Guides.

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The Pricey Problem with Pyro Phoenix

At long last, the TCG is set to receive a new Salamangreat boss monster! Releasing in Chaos Impact later this month, Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix is one of the stars of the set. This card is the first Link-4 in the archetype and its effects pack a blazing punch. Today, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this latest Salamangreat monster, as well as why it could become a problem for collectors and duelists of the deck.

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