Trinity Decks: How good is your favorite archetype?

How good is your favorite Yugioh archetype in Trinity? This article covers some of the most played Trinity Decks, with links to YDK files you can download and netdeck for the next YGOPROdeck Trinity Cup.

Trinity is an Alternate Yugioh Format, just like how the TCG, OCG, Speed Duels, Duel Links, and GOAT are all different ways to play our favorite card game. It’s a pseudo-highlander format with a Summon Limit, making the Duels have much more player interaction, whilst also increasing depth and complexity in deckbuilding. You can read more about Trinity in the introduction article, or watch the intro video here! 

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Traptrix – What Changes With Sera

Traptrix is a small archetype of effect monsters that revolve around the manipulation of “Hole” Normal Trap cards. While Traptrix has been splashed into decks as an engine for decks like H.A.T in 2014, they have not seen any success as a standalone deck. However, with the release of Traptrix Sera, will Traptrix become a viable deck on its own? First, let’s analyze what Sera requires to function and what it adds to the deck.

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Waking Up: Orcust Without Knightmare

On July 1st, the new OCG Limit Regulation came into effect, making Knightmare Mermaid Forbidden in Asia. Fans often speculate that a similar decision may be made here in the TCG. Mermaid was a vital piece of the way Orcust decks were being played in the metagame. This is because it allowed consistent access to a powerful combo with almost any two monsters. While the deck’s time in the spotlight may be coming to a close, dedicated fans will find a similar power level can be found with a little creativity. Let’s look at a few ways you can play Orcust without Knightmare Mermaid.

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