TCG Meta Snapshot: Salamangreat March 2019

Salamangreats are an archetype made meta by the recent Soulburner Structure Deck. They’re a very consistent combo deck that sets up boards consisting usually of a slew of traps with more hand traps backing them up. The main strength of the deck comes not from the deck’s ceiling, but from its extreme consistency and durability. The abundance of one and two card combos lets you perform the same plays to accrue advantage turn after turn. The deck also has strong OTK potential with link climbing combos.

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Cards in Goat Format: What You Should Know Part 1

Goat Format has been extensively revisited and analysed. I personally believe that no card can really be considered a Tech Choice at this point of time now, simply because of how much the format has grown. A card or two may catch you by surprise from time to time, especially for players transiting to playing online, and meet with decks or a larger variety. But I doubt any card will have a significant impact and be effective enough for it to be long-lasting. Any card of that calibre would have been common knowledge by now.

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Card advantage: The most useful tool for evaluating cards (and why you can never use it)

Card advantage is a way of evaluating cards, lines of play and boardstates by comparing how many cards you have access to compared to your opponent. The easiest way to do this is just to count how many cards are on board and hand. A line of play that lets you change the balance from what it was in your favor is good card advantage. This is commonly called a plus. A line that ends in you losing cards is a neg. There are, however, some clear imperfections with using this system which we will cover today. Rather than lines of play, I am going to go over card evaluation using this framework.

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Weird Techs, or Hidden Gold?

Whenever Konami releases a new banlist, one can count on the creativity of the players in finding out what the new “flavor of the format” deck is. Along with this brainstorming of new decks comes the search for counters or improvements to the deck. In the past, some of these “side deck” or “tech” options proved to be a fleeting fad that faded away, but there have been examples of cards that became integrated into future deck profiles. We will be going through a short history of how some cards came to be used to counter or help the meta, and whether they were effective.

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