Duel Links Meta Snapshot: January 17th, 2018

A few months ago, I wrote an article on getting started in Duel Links. The article, now embarrassingly outdated, provided a clear path towards Duel Links’ ranked mode. However, when looking back, I realized I had neglected to give readers an adequate understanding of the current ranked climb. Because of this, I’ll be writing a series of tier lists which explain what the top decks are and what they do. This first list includes what I believe are the current top performers, though that’s subject to change with the impending banlist.

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Alternate Format Analysis – Goat Format – Exarion Universe in Goat Format

There has been a lot of discussion and debate regarding Exarion Universe in Goat Format. Considering the time period it was released, and the state of the game at the time, it’s not surprising. This article is going to analyze Exarion Universe’s inclusion in Goat Format, how its inclusion warped it, why it is no longer used in modern Goat Format, and some of the key differences between “pre-Exarion” and “post-Exarion” Goat Formats. Let’s start with putting Exarion in his historical perspective and give some background information on the card and the format in general.

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Considering Mekk-Knights

Other than the highly-anticipated Link VRAINS Pack imports and the exceptional Skulldeat, the Chained Dracoserpent, there isn’t a whole lot about February’s Extreme Force that TCG players are looking forward to.

Two of the three new archetypes introduced in the set, Tindangles and the legacy Mythical Beasts, seem destined for the back tables at best and the bulk boxes at worst.

Mekk-Knights on the other hand…well, I see a lot of potential in those guys.

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Alternate Format Analysis – Trinity: Dragon Rulers

Dragon Rulers. Forbidden in the OCG, and Forbidden in the TCG. Time and time again, the level 7 Rulers have been referred to as “The best monsters ever printed”. First awakened in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy of late 2013, these guys have been a part of almost every metagame that they’re legal in. But how do they fare in Trinity format?

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