Jurassic Journeys #1: FTK Dinos (without Firewall Dragon)

A certain Dinosaur FTK deck was making its way through YCS Toronto a few weeks ago and it took many people by surprise. As of this current format, this is not the only way an FTK is possible and I’m going to show how it can be done without Firewall Dragon. Showcasing you a deck that’ll hit your opponent harder than the extinction meteor: welcome to the first edition of Jurassic Journeys.

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Duel Links: A Primer for Starting Your Journey to Duel World

Yu-Gi-Oh is not well-known for its healthy learning curve and enjoyable new-player experience. While many other card games do a reasonable job of integrating fresh-faced nerds hyped to play whatever awful garbage they just saw on the anime into their TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh’s introductory process involves meticulous reading of a 50-page document, mountains of research about the convoluted combos that lurk in meta strategies, and a tearful three hour grapple with a bottle of wine and the wiki article explaining the damage step.

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