Trinity: Combo under the Limit

Trinity is much, much slower than the TCG and OCG. This is mostly due to the Summon Limit: In Trinity, neither player can Summon more than 3 Effect monsters each turn. This slows down the format, and makes it so OTK/FTK combos are much more difficult to pull off. However, this certainly doesn’t remove the combo potential from the format. This article is just an introduction to all of the crazy things that you’re capable of doing in Trinity!

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Musings on the May 2018 List

Going into effect from 21 May, the new list has some clear objectives from the outset. Kill off the meta and devastate the rampant FTKs at the top tables.
The way they’ve gone about this is curious. The three main hits to the meta come from the banning of Astrograph Sorcerer, Master Peace the True Dracoslaying King and Supreme King Starving Venom. So let’s boil down the highlights and lowlights of this list even further.

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Chaos Recruiter in Goat Format

Chaos Recruiter, in Goat Format, is a concept that is actually somewhat modern. Though recruiters have been around since Magic Ruler dropped, they only saw sporadic play. Mystic Tomato saw the most, especially before Goat Format was live, notably in Tomato Control during the era of Yata-Garasu. But they’ve fallen by the wayside in the modern era, be it current or in Goat Format. Except when it comes to Chaos Recruiter.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! In-Depth KOG Deck Guide Hazy Control

Incredibly annoying due to having inherent card effect protection, Hazy Flame has been able to keep up with the times. By playing Hazy Flames, you’ll be happy to see how linear, the win conditions can be. But that doesn’t mean Hazy Flame is easy to play. Tune in for an in-depth guide of Hazy Flame where we go through each card, explaining its valuable uses along with a solid game plan.

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Alternate Format Analysis – Skilled Chaos in Goat Format

Goat Format has a lot of different strategies and decks that you can play, despite having a small card pool. One of the bigger challengers to Goat Control today is Skilled Chaos, actually. It’s a powerful build, and Skilled Chaos in Goat Format is a really strong control deck. In this article I’m going to lay out the build, talk about the card choices and why the deck plays what it plays, and some of the basic strategies that it employs.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! In-Depth KOG Deck Guide Magnets

With the right bits of interaction and straightforwardness, playing a Magnet deck can be extremely satisfying.Since Magnets have tons of support in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, you’ll be able to compete with the top meta relevant decks that come out. Specializing in graveyard effects and high attack beaters, look no further for a deck capable of achieving King Of Games.

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