Prank-Kids: Highs, Lows, and Techs

Prank-Kids are an archetype that has been released for about five months in TCG that revolve around Link and Fusion Summoning. There have been only a few tops to the deck, all with differing cards outside of its core. Prank-Kids have a unique mechanic, in which their Main Deck monsters reward the duelist in more Prank-Kids from the deck when used as material, while the Link and Fusion monsters provide resources and protection. Prank-Kids boast consistency and easily come back from board clears. However, it is weak to negation and may have trouble breaking boards. It has a lot of space outside of its core, and can simultaneously draw and deck thin.

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Playstyles in Yugioh: Correct Plays and Correct Decks

The idea of “playstyles” in Yugioh is that each individual duelist has a certain affinity for how they play the game. Some duelists like to play aggressively, pump out big monsters, and quickly go for game. Others like to sit back, set lots of backrow, and slowly grind their opponents down. These affinities affect what decks duelists are attracted to and enjoy, how they play out their turns, and generally how they view, experience, and interpret the game. Not all players believe in the existence or validity of playstyles, however.

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Knightmare Engines in Orcust

With Dark Neostorm just around the corner bringing Dingirsu, Orcust of Sheol with it, Orcust will become a major metagame threat. The cornerstone of their gameplan is a combo that starts by summoning Knightmare Mermaid and since it can be summoned with a Link-2 Knightmare monster, almost any engine that gets two monsters on the board can be part of the deck. So, with so many options, how do we decide which Knightmare engines are worth playing? In this article I’ll be listing a bunch of different options and explaining their pros and cons.

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