The Problem with Overly Diverse Formats

A common opinion I see among the Yugioh community is that when a format is diverse, that usually means the format is healthy. Conversely, when the format is healthy, the format is typically diverse. I’d like to critique that claim and talk about instances where we saw healthy diverse formats and where we saw unhealthy diverse formats. Spoiler alert: I would argue that the format we are currently in is an unhealthy diverse format. It’s good that Firewall Dragon got banned, but that doesn’t automatically mean the game is fixed.

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Trinity: A Guide to Playing (and Slaying) Orcust Bardiche

Orcust is a deck of wild, fantastic monsters with some of the best lore and in-game flavor of any archetype released in the past half-decade. Their playstyle is unique, intriguing, flexible, and powerful. The archetypal link monsters facilitate board setups which allow you to combo off no matter whose turn it is. Each individual archetype piece allows for recursion from almost any game zone, making them almost impossible to kill.

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Interview with TCG Marketing Specialist Robert Boyajian

Since beginning in the 1990s, the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game has gone through a multitude of changes. New cards types are introduced regularly, and a card’s viability can vary from month to month as game-redefining sets are introduced and ban lists are updated. Robert Boyajian has experienced many of those changes firsthand– both as a professional Yu-Gi-Oh! player with multiple tournament wins under his belt and more recently, as Konami’s TCG Marketing Specialist. He takes us through his favorite things about the TCG and how his relationship with the popular card game has changed since joining Konami’s staff.

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