Orcustrating a History: From Release to the Fall of Bardiche

Orcust, the bunch of musical instruments we have all grown to love, is an archetype of DARK Machines. The whole playstyle revolves around utilizing the GY and having a lot of monsters on the field to Link Summon. From the “Bombgirsu pass” strategy of yore to the I:P boards of today, players have adapted the deck as the meta changed over time.

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Chicago Regionals: Lost World Dinos In-Depth

Hunting for my nationals invite brought me to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center on January 4th for the Chicago Regional. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure I wanted to play the event until around two days before. The format to me has become stale, which nearly dissuaded me from playing, but friends from my locals convinced me otherwise. I decided to play the deck I’ve played most this format: Lost World Dinos.

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Tournament Report: Las Vegas Regionals 12th Place

Recently, I attended the Las Vegas regional in hopes to earn an invite. It was my first regional of the new season and it turned out to be a great success! With 2 losses throughout the day, I ended up placing 12th in the 245 player regional. It was a total of 8 rounds of swiss. I played what many players would think is the best deck of the format: Sky Striker Orcust. I was originally going to play Pendulum or Mekk-Knight, but I opted for a deck that can perform well going first or second.

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Meta Impact: Cosmic Cyclone

These days, it isn’t enough to destroy Spells and Traps and send them to the GY. For example, Orcustrated Babel can add itself back to the hand from the GY. Salamangreat Balelynx can protect Will of the Salamangreat from Twin Twisters or Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. However, Cosmic Cyclone banishes these cards with a simple cost of 1000 LP. Since its release in late 2016, this amplified Mystical Space Typhoon has been seeing use through various formats.

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Deck Review: Yobani Martinez’s Gladiator Beasts

Of all the decks expected to make a showing in the top cut of Pro-Play Tour: Dallas, Gladiator Beasts were probably near the bottom of the list. However, Yobani Martinez defied expectations by placing in the top 8 with Glad Beasts, using a rather unusual variant of it at that. Let’s take a look at the cards and strategies he employed to get so far in the tournament.

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