Cardian (via Flower Cardians) V0.1

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta
Deck Master: Flower Cardian Lightflare
Deck Version: 0.1
Latest Revision Date: 29th April 2017
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Cardian Structure

Credit to Flower Cardians for Deck and Strategy submission.
Just use flower gathering, super koi koi, and recardination. Special summon until you can make lightflare.

Deck List
Monsters Flower Cardian Paulownia with Phoenix x1
Flower Cardian Paulownia x3
Flower Cardian Willow x3
Flower Cardian Maple with Deer x3
Flower Cardian Zebra Grass with Moon x1
Flower Cardian Zebra Grass x3
Flower Cardian Clover with Boar x3
Flower Cardian Cherry Blossom with Curtain x3
Flower Cardian Pine with Crane x1
Flower Cardian Pine x3
Flower Cardian Willow with Calligrapher x2
Flower Cardian Peony with Butterfly x3
Spells Flower Stacking x2
Flower Gathering x3
Super Koi Koi x3
Recardination x3
Extra Flower Cardian Lightflare x2
Flower Cardian Lightshower x3
Crimson Blader x1
Flower Cardian Boardefly x1
Herald of the Arc Light x2
Flower Cardian Moonflower x3
Number 77: The Seven Sins x1
Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand x1
Number 11: Big Eye x1



Deck Revisions

  • V0.1
    • TBA.
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