WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils

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Card Text

Add 1 "Diabellstar" monster from your Deck or GY to your hand. During your Main Phase: You can banish this card from your GY, then target 1 of your "Sinful Spoils" Spells/Traps that is banished or in your GY, except "WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils"; place it on the bottom of the Deck, then draw 1 card. You can only use each effect of "WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils" once per turn.

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Banlist History for WANTED: Seeker of Sinful Spoils
Banlist Date Status Type
2024-05-01 Semi-Limited Master Duel
2024-04-01 Limited OCG
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