Spirit Reaper

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Card Text

Cannot be destroyed by battle. After resolving a card effect that targets this face-up card, destroy this card. When this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent by a direct attack: Discard 1 random card from their hand.

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Decks with Spirit Reaper
Banlist History for Spirit Reaper
Banlist Date Status Type
2011-03-01 Semi-Limited OCG
2011-03-01 Semi-Limited TCG
2010-09-01 Limited OCG
2010-09-01 Limited TCG
2010-03-01 Limited Edison
2010-03-01 Limited OCG
2010-03-01 Limited TCG
2009-09-01 Limited OCG
2009-09-01 Limited TCG
2009-03-01 Limited OCG
2009-03-01 Limited TCG
2008-09-01 Limited OCG
2008-09-01 Limited TCG
2008-03-01 Limited OCG
2008-03-01 Limited TCG
2007-09-01 Limited OCG
2007-09-01 Limited TCG
2007-03-01 Limited OCG
2007-03-01 Limited TCG
2006-09-01 Limited OCG
2006-09-01 Limited TCG
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