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Magical Mid-Breaker Field

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Card Text

Activate this card at the start of your Main Phase 1 or 2. During each player's Main Phase 1, monsters on the field cannot be destroyed by their opponent's card effects, also neither player can target monsters their opponent controls. You cannot activate or Set Field Spell Cards.

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Decks with Magical Mid-Breaker Field
Banlist History for Magical Mid-Breaker Field
Banlist Date Status Type
2024-04-15 Limited TCG
2024-01-01 Limited TCG
2023-09-25 Limited TCG
2023-07-01 Limited World Championship
2023-06-05 Limited TCG
2023-02-13 Limited TCG
2022-12-01 Limited TCG
2022-10-03 Limited TCG
2022-05-17 Limited TCG
2022-02-07 Limited TCG
2021-10-01 Limited TCG
2021-07-01 Limited TCG
2021-03-15 Limited TCG
2020-12-15 Limited TCG
2020-09-14 Limited TCG
2020-06-15 Limited TCG
2020-04-20 Limited TCG
2020-01-20 Limited TCG
2019-10-14 Limited TCG
2019-07-15 Limited TCG
2019-04-29 Limited TCG
2019-01-28 Limited TCG
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