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Branded Expulsion

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Card Text

Tribute 1 Fusion Monster, then target 2 non-Fusion Monsters that are banished and/or in either GY; Special Summon both monsters, 1 on each field. If you Tributed a Fusion Monster that mentions "Fallen of Albaz" as material to activate this card, you can Special Summon both monsters to your field instead, in Defense Position. You can only activate 1 "Branded Expulsion" per turn.

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Banlist History for Branded Expulsion
Banlist Date Status Type
2024-04-15 Banned TCG
2024-04-11 Banned Master Duel
2024-03-08 Banned Master Duel
2024-02-07 Banned Master Duel
2024-01-10 Banned Master Duel
2024-01-01 Banned TCG
2023-12-05 Banned Master Duel
2023-11-09 Banned Master Duel
2023-10-10 Banned Master Duel
2023-09-25 Banned TCG
2023-09-01 Banned Master Duel
2023-08-10 Banned Master Duel
2023-07-01 Banned World Championship
2023-06-05 Banned TCG
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