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Archlord Kristya

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Card Text

If you have exactly 4 Fairy monsters in your GY, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). If Summoned this way: Target 1 Fairy monster in your GY; add that target to your hand. Neither player can Special Summon monsters. If this face-up card would be sent from the field to the GY, place it on top of the Deck, instead.

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Decks with Archlord Kristya
Banlist History for Archlord Kristya
Banlist Date Status Type
2015-01-01 Semi-Limited OCG
2014-10-01 Semi-Limited OCG
2014-07-01 Semi-Limited OCG
2014-04-01 Semi-Limited OCG
2013-11-01 Semi-Limited OCG
2013-10-11 Semi-Limited TCG
2013-09-01 Semi-Limited TCG
2013-03-01 Semi-Limited OCG
2013-03-01 Semi-Limited TCG
2012-09-01 Semi-Limited OCG
2012-09-01 Semi-Limited TCG
2012-03-01 Semi-Limited TCG
2011-09-01 Semi-Limited OCG
2011-09-01 Semi-Limited TCG
2011-03-01 Semi-Limited OCG
2011-03-01 Semi-Limited TCG
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