Bygone Cogs 2020 (Dinosaurs but with extra steps)

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Chaos Ancient Gear Giant
Submission Date: February 7th 2020
Author: Player__9
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A friend of mine wanted to try and get back into the game and wanted to play ancient gears, so I started trying to build a list for him. This is what I have found to be the most effective 40 card deck in my time testing. This is not designed to be a competitive deck, but is rather meant to be fun at a casual level and fun to play.

This deck, much like other OTK decks, is designed to go second. The goal of the deck is to get out Chaos Ancient Gear Giant, or Megaton Ancient Gear Golem, as quick as possible.

This is the most optimal hand for going First or Second. Depending on which will change some things

  • If you start with one Gadget + Anchor Drill + Wyvern
    • Normal Summon Gadget (either one works) -> Special Summon Anchor Drill -> Special summon Wyvern -> Search ->
      • Search Fortress -> Activate Fortress -> Link 2 (Anchor Drill + Wyvern) -> Ballistic Shooter -> Search ->
        •  Search Geartown -> Activate Gear Town -> Effect of Ballistic Shooter (Your opponent must control a face up monster that can be targeted by monsters) -> Pop Geartown -> Special Summon from deck ->
          • Special Summon Reactor Dragon
            • End of chain
          • Special Summon Hunting Hound -> Effect of Hunting Hound -> Fusion Summon ->
            • If you went first Fusion Summon Megaton
              • End of chain
            • if you went second Fusion Summon Chaos Giant
              • End of Chain
          • Special Summon Gear Frame -> Discard 1 Card to Search ->
            • Search Ancient Gear Golem -> Surrender because you misclicked 
            •  Search Ancient Gear Fusion -> Fusion Summon if you have stuff in hand
              • End of Chain


Why is X Card Run At X Number:

  • Super Express Bullet Train - He is a free summon that lets you recover one card from your graveyard at the end of your turn, which has the ability to trigger the effect of box giving you free access to one of your infinitrack monsters for graveyard set up. You can link him away for Ballistic Shooter or Platinum Gadget if you need more gears.
    • I run 2 because it can brick if you have nothing to summon, or only have gadgets.
  • Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon - Big boy that can be special summoned
    • Run 2 because the only reason to summon him is because you want to special summon a bigger fusion, or for discard fodder for Gear Frame. He tends to brick a bit so it may be better to take him down to one.
  • Ancient Gear Golem - You need him for some of the fusions and if you manage to tribute summon him using (weather through Urgent Schedule or the effect of Geartown to make it one tribute) you can fusion summon from your deck using Ancient Gear Fusion.
    • Run 2 since he can be used as discard fodder for Gear Frame or if you get to summon him off the effect of Howitzer or Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem
  • Tunneller - Pot of Avarice is at one and this guy is searchable.
    • I run two, but three could also be good if you don't want to run Trencher. He can be summoned by sending an earth machine monster you control (which is almost anything that isn't in the extra deck or a gadget) that can be sent to the graveyard as link fodder for either Ballistic Shooter or Platinum Gadget for free summons/ searches. You can then use him to recycle your graveyard full of fusion materials then draw cards which can give you that one card you need to win.
  • Trencher - He is another target for Box and if he is in the grave you can summon back Anchor Drill for a free summon from the hand.
    • Run 1. You only want to see him when he is needed, plus he is searchable off box or you can summon him with Urgent Schedule with Anchor Drill to conserve your normal summon.
  • Anchor Drill - Free summon if he is normal or special summoned.
    • Run 3. Earth machine that lets you special summon another earth machine (Of any level) which can be used for link fodder for Ballistic Shooter or Platinum Gadget. He is also searchable off of Box and can be brought out with Urgent Schedule.
  • Ancient Gear Wyvern - The one that searches.
    • Run 3. While you have to put in a little work to summon him, he gives you free access to any card you could possibly want that has to do with the archetype aside from Geartown. He searches box which lets him search for anything that isn't a spell or Gadget. He also gets around monster effects to beat over Eater Of Millions. He can be summoned off of Urgent Scedule as well. You can't go wrong with this card. Just avoid using your normal summon on him if you can as there are better options for that.
  • Gold + Silver Gadget - Free summon of another level 4 or lower monster in your hand.
    • I run 2 of each. It hurts to see any more than 2 of them at any given time. They aren't earth which prevents them from being usable with Urgent Schedule and can't be summoned off of Anchor Drill. They require your normal summon to use them at all. But they can help with starting off your plays and can be somewhat annoying to your opponent if they try to run them over, only to be walled by a never ending waterfall of gears. Be careful about timing though for their effects.
  • Ancient Gear Frame - Search the brick or the fusion spell
    • I run 2, may bump down to 1. He is searchable off of Box and lets you search the fusion spell while setting up your graveyard. The problem is there isn't an easy way to get him on the board without popping Geartown or Fortress. He is also another Ancient Gear monster that can be used as fusion material. He can also search the Golem. If you are unable to afford Ancient Gear Fusion then only run 1.
  • Ancient Gear Box - Searchable searcher that searches when searched
    • Run 2 or 3. I thought he would be a brick at first, but he ended up being way better than I thought he would be. While you do need to use the effect of Wyvern or Ballistic Shooter he more than makes up for it by letting you search out Tunneller, Trencher, Anchor Drill, or Gear Frame. This gives you easy access to the Infinitrack cards whenever you need. He is also discard fodder for Gear Frame, and is a free summon for the Lv 5 Infinitrack monsters in a pinch or for the link summon of Ballistic Shooter and Platinum Gadget.
  • Ancient Gear Hunting Hound - The one that lets you play around Anti-Spell Fragrance
    • I run 2, run more or less as needed. While he can be used to cowboy for game in time. What he is really great for is allowing you to get around things that would stop you from fusion summoning. Needs to be on the field to use this effect, but there are a good amount of ways to do that without normal summoning. 
  • Overload Fusion - Summons the boss monster or the one that burns for 1000
    • I run 2. It's a good card that can be great in a pinch. Fusion summoning from your graveyard is always great. While this card is strong, you need to save it for the final push. If you use it too early then you could empty out your graveyard of Ancient Gear Monsters preventing you from using the effect of Tunneller. It also only lets you summon dark machine fusion monsters which limits you to only Chaos Giant and Howitzer.
  • Iron Draw - Pot of greed with restrictions
    • I run 1. It is really situational, but it can help near the end of the turn when you get out the fusion and link monster of your choice. It can let you get more spell cards ready for next turn.
  • Ancient Gear Catapult - Galaxy Cyclone but only on face up cards you control that lets you summon any Ancient gear, then lets you do the same again but summon a token instead.
    • I run 1. This card is great if you have the targets right away. This card can only be used if you control no monsters and requires you to destroy a face up card you control (Geartown or Fortress) then summon ANY Ancient Gear monster. Including Golem. If used on Geartown or Fortress this is two free summons. It also has a graveyard effect that lets you banish it to pop a face up card you control (Geartown or Fortress) to summon a token. If used on Geartown or Fortress it's a free summon and a token that is an earth machine. The problem is you need to have no monsters and one of those two cards already on the board. It has its benefits but is too hard to use.
  • Ancient Gear Fusion - It's like Polymerization but more expensive
    • Use any number you want. It's an archetype fusion spell that is searchable from Wyvern and Gear Frame. It has a neat effect if you can get out Ancient Gear Golem, but if you are confident enough to normal summon Ancient Gear Golem you won't even need to fusion summon. It without a doubt is a great inclusion, but don't worry if you can't afford it.
  • Terraforming - Its a 3rd Geartown that makes this essentially a 39 card deck.
    • Run 1 because that's the law. It makes Geartown even more searchable and is deck thinning.
  • Urgent Schedule - This card is only really usable going second. But it can save you easily.
    • I run 3 because 4 is illegal. This is a free two monster from your deck that doesn't require a normal summon. Plus if it is destroyed while face down you get to  search Super Express Bullet Train. How I would recommend to use it would be: 
      • For the level 4 or lower summon any of the earth monsters. It really doesn't matter which so long as you leave Box in the deck. I would most likely summon Wyvern. But be careful not to activate its effect as it is a hard once per turn
      • For the level 5 or higher depends a lot on the current game state. If you have one card you want in your graveyard such as Box or Wyvern summon Super Express Bullet Train to return it to the had at the end of the turn he was sent there. Want to recover your extra deck or main deck, summon Tunneller for a pot of avarice in the graveyard. Want one more ancient gear for a fusion summon, use Reactor Dragon.
  • Ancient Gear Fortress - They can't Super Poly you now.
    • Run 3. It protects your Ancient Gear monsters from being targeted or destroyed by card effects. Most Ancient Gear monsters already have some sort of protection from spell and traps that is only limited to the battle phase, but this turns your Boss monsters into nearly impenetrable walls. This card can also be popped in order to summon an ancient gear from your hand or graveyard allowing you to search with Wyvern without using your normal summon.
  • Geartown - The field spell
    • I run 2. This card lest you summon Ancient Gear Monsters for one less tribute. This means you only need one monster to perish so you can summon the Golem. The real reason you run it is to pop it with cards like Ballistic Shooter or Ancient Gear Catapult in order to summon any Ancient Gear monster from your deck, except Golem. This allows you to get a free search off Wyvern while conserving your normal summon, or to get Gear Frame on board to get the fusion spell. While you could run more, I prefer to run deck thinning options like Terraforming in order to keep this deck to 40 cards. Plus being searchable by the the link monster makes it so I almost never need to see it in my opening hand.


Extra Deck Monsters:

  • Barricadeborg Blocker - Retrieve your cards.
    • I run 1. He lets you recover Geartown or Fortress from your graveyard. Just remember he does this at the end of the turn.
  • Ancient Gear Ballistic Shooter - The link that searches the field spell and more
    • Run at least 2. He can be summoned using any of the Ancient Gear or Infinitrack monsters. Its weird arrows also allow you to summon this to the zone a link monster points to and still have 2 extra monster zones. He also has the ability to search any Ancient Gear card or Geartown, making him already more useful than Wyvern. On top of this you can pop a face up spell /trap card you control (Geartown or Fortress) in order to make the attack and defense of one of your opponent's monsters become 0 allowing you to pierce with some of the fusions such as Chaos Giant massive damage. You can run more if you want, but I never needed him more than 2 times a game.
  • Platinum Gadget - Hate to leave him on board but he is nice to have.
    • I run 1. The Gadgets have a problem of getting stuck in my hand or on the field, and he is an easy way to solve both problems. He lets you summon a Lv 4 or lower machine monster from your hand letting you summon another Gadget for even more special summons. Him only requiring 2 machine monsters to summon means you can get rid of any gadgets stuck on your board. It also floats into more Gadgets if you hate yourself or your opponent allowing you to survive a full Valkyrie board.
  • Phoenix and Unicorn - If you don't use these you are in for a Knightmare.
    • 1 of each. Unicorn is a spin and Phoenix can get rid of spell and traps. They have generic summoning requirements letting you get rid of your gadgets.
  • Gear Gigant X - Rank 4 machine
    • I run 1. It searches level 4 or lower machines while setting up the graveyard. This allows you to use the effect of Box. He is also an earth machine allowing you to summon Ballistic Shooter or the Lv 5 Infinitrack monsters.
  • Cyber Dragon Nova - The thing that you use to summon Cyber Dragon Infinity
    • I run 1. It lets you summon Cyber Dragon Infinity. Plus if your opponent forgets what it does you can summon Chaos Giant for free.
  • Cyber Dragon Infinity - Its a machine deck that runs Lv 5 monsters
    • It's a machine deck that runs Lv 5 monsters. Omni-negate + absorbing monsters is too good not to run.
  • Ancient Gear Howitzer - Just burn your opponent and they won't read it.
    • I run 2. It's by far the easiest of the Ancient Gear fusion monsters to summon, it burns for 1000 points, and if your opponent doesn't read it they will just crash into it allowing you to summon any Ancient Gear from your deck. This includes Golem as its effect bypasses the summoning requirement.
  • Megaton Ancient Gear Golem - Howitzer but for card effects.
    • I run 1. This has the summoning requirement of only 3 Ancient Gear monsters and has a 3300 body. If you use your two Golems it will be able to attack 2 times during the battle phase. On top of this it has the outstanding ability to summon Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem when it leaves the field because of an opponent's card effect. With its massive body most players will try to remove it using a Unicorn, or will find some way to banish it. A fun combo with this is to have a Megaton Golem on your field at the end of your turn while you have Fortress on your field and watch as your opponent spins it with Unicorn only to be surprised by a 4400 untargetable wall that is Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem staring them down.
  • Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem - Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon but for Ancient Gear Golem.
    • I run 1. As stated earlier you can easily summon this off the effect of Megaton. Its summoning requirement just requires that you have one Ancient Gear Golem and two other Ancient Gear monsters making it only slightly harder to get out than Megaton. It does piercing and prevents battle spells/traps. Not to mention the fact that it floats into an Ancient Gear Golem so long as it is destroyed.
  • Chaos Ancient Gear Giant - It's like Ultimate Conductor Tyranno but a machine
    • I run 2. He is the big daddy of the deck. His massive 4500 make most decks struggle to even touch him. He does piercing making you think twice about summoning monsters in defense mode. On top of all this, he can attack all of your opponent's monsters. While he is hard to get out you can use cards there are plenty of ways to search out Ancient Gear monsters to use as fodder for him using cards like Box and Wyvern it's not too hard to get them in hand where you can use the fusion spell or Hunting Hound to summon him. He is also dark allowing you to summon him with Overload Fusion. He even stops your opponent's monster effects during the battle phase, meaning no worrying about Shaddolls. 


Cheaper Alternatives For Cards:

  • Ancient Gear Fusion - You can always run polymerization instead. If you do this then you may want to take out or at least reduce the amount of Gear Frames to 1 since they will only search for a brick.
  • Ancient Gear Ballistic Shooter - You can try running more copies of Gear Gigant X or Platinum Gadget, but you should still run at least one copy of him.


Other Fun Fun Cards To Try:

  • Limiter Removal - Make number bigger.
  • True King Of All Calamities - You already have Infinitrack cards to do it, so it could be fun to try out.


Improvements To Make:

  • Add some hand traps to prevent cards like Droll or Ash from ending your turn right away.
  • Run cards to disrupt the opponent rather than just furthering your own plays.
  • Find more earth machine support to mess around with. I toyed with Deskbots but gave up a little quick on them.



The Side deck contains some fun cards, or replacements for expensive ones.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterSuper Express Bullet Train x2
Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon x2
Ancient Gear Golem x2
Infinitrack Tunneller x2
Infinitrack Trencher x1
Infinitrack Anchor Drill x3
Ancient Gear Wyvern x3
Gold Gadget x2
Ancient Gear Frame x2
Silver Gadget x2
Ancient Gear Box x2
Ancient Gear Hunting Hound x2
SpellsOverload Fusion x2
Iron Draw x1
Ancient Gear Catapult x1
Ancient Gear Fusion x2
Terraforming x1
Urgent Schedule x3
Ancient Gear Fortress x3
Geartown x2
ExtraChaos Ancient Gear Giant x2
Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem x1
Ancient Gear Megaton Golem x1
Ancient Gear Howitzer x2
Cyber Dragon Infinity x1
Cyber Dragon Nova x1
Gear Gigant X x1
Knightmare Unicorn x1
Knightmare Phoenix x1
Platinum Gadget x1
Ancient Gear Ballistic Shooter x2
Barricadeborg Blocker x1
SideLimiter Removal x2
True King of All Calamities x1
Polymerization x3
Platinum Gadget x1
Ancient Gear Ballistic Shooter x1
Ancient Gear Fusion x1
Geartown x1

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    Sorry for some of the bad writing. I wrote it all in one sitting and ran it though google dox to fix any spelling errors but it missed some of the grammatical errors. If anything is unintelligible then I can explain help understand my terrible writing.

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