Bujin Tri-Brigade April 2021

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Bujinki Ahashima
Submission Date: April 11th 2021
Author: Frankenturkey
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 Hello everyone! Sorry for my long 6 month hiatus. College, the pandemic, and things in my personal life forced me to take a break from the game for a long while. This list is an updated version of my Bujin Tri-Brigade list from October 2020. In 6 months, a whole LOT has changed!

The first thing that inspired me to recreate this list is the fact that Bujin will be receiving some new support in the next set. I was taken aback by Konami's decision to breathe life back into a dead strategy, but I'm not complaining. Here's a brief summary of the new cards!

Bujin Torfiune:

Fun fact: This is the only Bujin Main Deck monster that is based on another Monster card rather than a character from GX.

Anyway, you can Tribute this guy toSpecial Summon 2 Bujin monsters with different Types from your deck and when you Xyz Summon a Bujin Xyz Monster while Torifune is in the GY, you can equip him to the Xyz Monster which makes it banish anything it destroys by battle. This makes Susanowo finally worth going into and promotes a more aggressive strategy with the archetype rather than a control strategy.

Bujin Mahitotsu

YUGI BOY! (sorry) This guy can be Special Summoned by discarding another Bujin monster (great for getting Bujingi monsters out of your hand.) You then have two effects you can chose from; you can either send a Bujin monster from your hand to add another from your deck or banish a Bujin monster to send a Bujin monster from your deck. This is vulnerable to Ash but you can still get rid of Bujin monsters you don't want in your hand and in this deck you can set up Tri-Brigade Revolt by banishing Bujin monsters.


Sadly, this is not an archetype exclusive Kaiser Colloseum. Instead, it protects your Bujins from being destroyed by card effects (except in the Battle Phase.) You can also send a Bujin from your field to the yard to negate the effect of a face-up card, and you can destroy Bujintersection during the End Phase to Special Summon any Bujin monster you want from your Graveyard.

The rest of the deck is a fairly standard affair, just do Tribrigade plays and make Bujin Xyz Monsters.

Any feedback is always welcome. Stay gold! :)

Toggle Deck List
MonsterDark Magician x1
Red-Eyes Black Dragon x1
Bujin Hirume x1
Tri-Brigade Fraktall x3
Bujin Yamato x3
Bujingi Turtle x1
Bujingi Hare x2
Bujingi Crane x1
Bujin Torifune x2
Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds x1
Bujin Mahitotsu x3
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
Tri-Brigade Kerass x3
Tri-Brigade Kitt x2
Tri-Brigade Nervall x3
SpellsRed-Eyes Fusion x1
Bujincarnation x1
Called by the Grave x1
Pot of Acquisitiveness x1
Fire Formation - Tenki x3
Bujintersection x2
TrapsTri-Brigade Revolt x2
Solemn Strike x2
ExtraRed-Eyes Dark Dragoon x1
Bujinki Amaterasu x1
Bujintei Kagutsuchi x1
Bujintei Susanowo x1
Abyss Dweller x1
Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen x1
Simorgh, Bird of Sovereignty x1
Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller x1
Tri-Brigade Bearbloom the Heavy Hitter x2
Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom x2
Fire Fighting Daruma Doll x1
Bujinki Ahashima x1
Predaplant Verte Anaconda x1
SideNibiru, the Primal Being x2
Artifact Lancea x2
Droll & Lock Bird x3
Dimensional Barrier x2
Id#created by Frankenturkey x1


The mildest turkey, EdoPro's resident coin flipper, mad scientist deck creator, and janky combo hunter. Never tell me the odds!

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