Blackwing v. Trains

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora
TCG/OCG: tcg
Submission Date: February 4th 2020
Author: Firebeard619
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I Like Trains

Toggle Deck List
MonsterMalefic Cyber End Dragon x3
Night Express Knight x3
Heavy Freight Train Derricrane x3
Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord x2
Express Train Trolley Olley x3
Ruffian Railcar x3
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x1
Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries x1
SpellsRaigeki x1
One Day of Peace x1
Double Summon x2
Soul Charge x1
Monster Reborn x1
Special Schedule x3
Limiter Removal x2
Scapegoat x1
Cynet Universe x3
Revolving Switchyard x3
TrapsWaking the Dragon x1
Bottomless Trap Hole x3
Quaking Mirror Force x3
Metal Reflect Slime x3
Solemn Strike x1
Dark Bribe x3
ExtraCyber End Dragon x3
Beelzeus of the Diabolic Dragons x1
Assault Blackwing - Onimaru the Divine Thunder x1
Blackwing Full Armor Master x1
Assault Blackwing - Chidori the Rain Sprinkling x1
Clear Wing Synchro Dragon x1
Superheavy Samurai Steam Train King x1
Blackwing Armor Master x1
Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer x1
Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max x1
Number C101: Silent Honor DARK x1
Number 27: Dreadnought Dreadnoid x1
Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora x1
SideAssault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower x1
Blackwing Tamer - Obsidian Hawk Joe x1
Blackwing - Nothung the Starlight x1
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