Black Sheep of the Family Part 1

Konami has released many archetypes each with unique playing style or gimmick, or similar playstyle but with a unique spin to it (e.g. Nepythys, True King and Fire King Avatar). Archetypes enable Konami to create supports aimed for a particular playstyle. However, not all cards in the archetype actually facilitate the playstyle of their archetype. In fact, some of them downright conflicts with their archetype’s playstyle or doesn’t support it at all. They’re the “black sheep” of the family. This article will look at monsters in an archetype that doesn’t really mesh well within their archetype.

Chronomaly (Anime)

Black Sheep: Chronomaly Mayan Machine

Chronomaly is an archetype debuted from the Zexal Anime. The archetype can access Rank 4, 5, 6 and 7 Xyz Monsters thanks to their swarming capability and level manipulation effects. Chronomally Master at one turn kills. However, unlike Cyber Dragons, they do so with a combination of manipulating monsters ATK and dealing large effect damage to the opponent. 

Chronomaly Mayan Machine is the black sheep of the archetype. Its effect enables the user to tribute it to Tribute Summon a Level 7 or higher Machine-Type monster without two tributes. The problem is none of the Level 7, or higher Chronomaly monsters are actually Machine-Type. Therefore, this card has no use in its archetype besides being a rank 3 fodder. 


Cipher (Anime)

Black Sheep: Cipher Soldier and Storm Cipher

The Cipher archetype is a small archetype that focuses on quickly Xyz Summoning Rank 8 Xyz monsters with the gimmick of level manipulation. They are considered evolution to the Galaxy and Photon archetype (whether they’re better is up for debate). The archetype first debuted in the Arc-V anime used by Kaito. Funny enough, this archetype’s black sheep happened to be the first and last support card for this archetype. 

Cipher Soldier is the first Cipher Monster. It’s a Level 3 Earth Attribute Effect monster. Interestingly, it was mistakenly printed in two different attributes, Earth and Light. Gameplay-wise, this card doesn’t help the archetype one bit. Being Level 3, it can’t even be used as an Xyz fodder and the other Level 4 Cipher monsters to support Rank 4 Xyz Plays. It should be noted that Cipher Soldiers were released years before the Cipher archetype was made. Therefore, it’s only part of the archetype in name only. 

Storm Cipher is a monster released during the Vrains-era. Like Cipher Soldier, this monster is part of the archetype in name only. Its Xyz doesn’t promote Xyz plays. However, being Level 4, at least it can be used alongside the other Cipher to go for Rank 4 to 8 plays. 


Dimensional Dragon (Anime)

Black Sheep: Clearwing Synchro Dragon, Starving Venom Fusion Dragon and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

The Dimensional Dragon is a series of four Dragon-Type monsters. Each Dragon represents a major summoning condition (e.g. Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and Pendulum). They were a major plot point in the Arc-V anime, and each Dragon is a counterpart of one another. However, despite this, Starving Venom Fusion Dragon, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Clearwing Synchro Dragon can be considered as the black sheep of the family.

Clearwing Synchro Dragon is the ONLY Wind-Attribute Dragon Monster in the series, while all other three members are Dark-Attribute.

Starving Venom Fusion Dragon is the only member of the series to sport a 2800 ATK value, while all the other members sport a 2500 ATK value.

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is the only member of the series to not reside in the Extra Deck initially. It’s also the only one not to have an ATK boosting effect.


Fortune Lady (Anime)

Black Sheep: Solitaire Magician

Fortune Lady is an anime archetype released during the 5D era. It’s an archetype consisting of magical girls representing an attribute (except DIVINE for lore reasons). The Fortune Lady has the unique gimmick of have ? ATK/DEF with its stats being determined by its levels. They also have a watered-down version of famously banned cards (e.g. Water is Pot of Greed, Dark is Monster Reborn and Fire is Ring of Destruction). 

Solitaire Magician is a Fortune Lady archetype member, but it doesn’t follow the archetype’s naming, and it doesn’t have ? ATK/DEF values. Interestingly, Solitaire Magician will eventually get a grownup version (Fortune Lady Every) as the Fortune Lady archetype’s boss monster.


Infernity (Anime)

Black Sheep: Infernity Randomizer 

The Infernity archetype debuted in the 5D anime. It’s an archetype of Fiend-Type Monsters (some are insects, warriors, etc) that sports a handless playstyle. Monsters in the archetype have effects that either discard cards from your hand or have powerful effects that are only usable if you have no cards in your hand. Over the years, the archetype has proven itself to be very resilient where a full-powered Infernity archetype can still compete with many modern decks. This helps thanks to how adaptable the archetype is. Despite its resilience and its power to stand the age of time, there is still a black sheep in the family known as Infernity Randomizer. 

Infernity Randomizer is a Level one Dark-Attribute monster with an effect that enables the user to draw a card in an archetype where you want to have no cards in your hand. Not only does the effect clashes with the playing style, but its aesthetic also doesn’t even remotely resemble a Warrior-Type monster. Despite this, Infernity Randomizer does see uses in gimmicky Infernity builds.


Jinzo (Anime)

Black Sheep: Jinzo #7

Jinzo is a monster debuted in the DM Anime primary used by Joey Wheeler. It’s a level 6 monster with 2400 ATK with an effect that prevents the player from activating Trap Cards. This card was a staple in many Decks until it was power crept. Not long ago, Konami decided to Jinzo into an archetype that still follows the same gameplay set up by Jinzo.

Jinzo #7 is the first Jinzo monster released after the original. However, its effect doesn’t relate to the Jinzo archetype at all. It doesn’t prevent traps being activated, and it also doesn’t boost the consistency of Jinzo. It merely enables the player to attack directly.  


Superheavy Samurai (Anime)

Black Sheep: Superheavy Samurai Soulfire Suit and Superheavy Samurai Battleball

Superheavy Samurai is an archetype that debuted in the Arc-V anime used by Gong. The archetype consists of EARTH monsters which focuses on Synchro Summoning. They also have some unique gimmicks—the first being the absence of Spell Cards. The second being the monsters can attack while in DEF position. However, there are two black sheep in this archetype. 

Superheavy Samurai Soulfire Suit and Superheavy Samurai Battleball are the only members in the archetype with a different attribute to the rest of the archetype members. Soulfire Suit is a FIRE monster which makes sense. However, Battleball is a DARK monster for absolutely no reason. 

Ally of Justice (Duel Terminal)

Black Sheep: Ally of Justice Reverse Break 

The Ally of Justice is a Duel Terminal archetype full of Dark-Attribute monsters whose main gimmick revolve around hard countering Light-Attribute monsters. Due to this, many of the archetype sports effects make themselves stronger when battling Light Attribute monsters or disrupt the plays of Light-Attribute monsters. Therefore, it’s weird when we have one member of the archetype known as Ally of Justice Reverse Break.

Ally of Justice Reverse Break is a Level 4 Dark-Attribute monster that doesn’t have any effects that enable it to trounce Light-Attribute monsters. In fact, it immediately destroys itself the moment a Light-Attribute monster hits the field.

ally of justice

Flamvell (Duel Terminal)

Black Sheep: Flamvell Magician

Flamvell is an archetype comprised of FIRE monster with 200 DEF points (mostly). They don’t really have a set playstyle, but most of their effects are battle orientated, where their effect triggers when they destroy a monster in battle. Being a FIRE archetype, they also adopt a minor burn strategy to help reduce the opponent’s life points. Their trump card is Rekindling, a Soul Charge that only works for 200 DEF FIRE monsters. 

Flamvell Magician is the black sheep of this archetype. Not only does its effect not benefit other Flamvell monsters. Its effect only works if you have a member of a totally different archetype on the field (Ally of Justice).


Fire Fist (OCG/TCG)

Black Sheep: Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Peacock

Fire Fist is an archetype of Fire Beast-Warrior monsters introduced in the OCG/TCG. The archetype focuses on swarming the field with Fire Fist monsters that enables Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz or Link Summon. They also swarm the field with Fire Formation Trap/Spell cards that have beneficial effects or act as a cost for the Fire Fist monsters to trigger their effects. Therefore, all monsters in the archetype either help swarm the field with monsters or Fire Formation Trap/Spell Cards or have effects activated when sending a Fire Formation card to the graveyard. Despite this, we still have a black sheep in the family. 

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Peacock is a Link 2 Fire Beast-Warrior Monster that triggers when sending a Fire Formation to the graveyard. It also sports another effect that helps promote Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and Link Summoning. So what makes this monster a Black Sheep? Well, it’s the ONLY female member of the archetype. 

fire fist

Ghostrick (OCG/TCG)

Black Sheep: Ghostrick Angel of Mischief

Ghostrick is an archetype filled with low-Level cutesy monsters from classic horror movies (e.g. Frankenstein, vampires, etc.). The main gimmick of the archetype involves flipping the opponent’s monsters facedown and attack directly. They can access Xyz Monsters. For a while, players splashed Ghostrick Alucard into decks due to its generic summoning condition and ability to remove facedown cards. 

Ghostrick Angel of Mischief is the black sheep of this archetype. It’s a Rank 4 Xyz Monster with a convoluted Alternate Win condition. This card is a black sheep because it’s a Rank 4 monster in an archetype where all the monsters are Level 3 or lower. However, it does have a unique summoning condition (ranked up from a Ghostrick Xyz Monster).


Karakuri (OCG/TCG)

Black Sheep: Karakuri Spider

The Karakuri is an Earth-Attributed archetype with a playstyle that involves manipulating Battle Positions. The archetype also has a clause that forces its members to attack when in Attack Position (except for the bosses). However, there is a black sheep in the family. The black sheep is the first member of the archetype, Karakuri Spider. 

Karakuri Spider is an Earth Attribute monster that aesthetically resembles none of the other Karakuri monsters. Furthermore, it also doesn’t have any effects that involve manipulating or taking advantage of battle positions. It should be noted that Karakuri Spider debuted years before the Karakuri Archetype was made. It belongs to the archetype in name only, but thematically, it doesn’t belong to the archetype. 


Monarch (OCG/TCG)

Black Sheep: Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

The Monarch archetype is an archetype debuted in the OCG/TCG. It first started as a series of monsters with devastating trigger effects that activate when Summoned. Over the year, Konami turned this series into an archetype with the Mega Monarch and Vassal release that still sports the same playstyle but updated it to compete with modern archetypes. Zaborg is the only black sheep of the family. 

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch is a Level 5 Monarch Monster in an archetype where Monarch’s first stage is Level 6. It’s a minor example as Zaborg still plays the same as the other Monarch monsters (still requiring only one tribute), but, interestingly, it’s the only one to be Level 5. 


Prophecy (OCG/TCG)

Black Sheep: Prophecy Destroyer

The Prophecy is an archetype of Spellcaster Monsters that create advantages through the use of Spellbook cards. The archetype’s monsters are named after the tarot cards from the Major Arcana. For a while, this deck was a tier 0 deck thanks to a certain Spellbook card. All monsters played similarly, so when the TCG team decided to release an exclusive, we noticed a black sheep. 

Prophecy Destroyer is a Level 6 Dark Spellcaster monster with an effect that revives itself from the graveyard by banishing 3 Spellbook cards from the grave. Aesthetically and the name doesn’t resemble any of the Prophecy monsters. In fact, when the card was first leaked, many people thought the card was fake. 


Ritual Beast (Duel Terminal)

Black Sheep: Ritual Beast Tamer Zefrawendi

Ritual Beast is an archetype of Wind Attribute monsters with effects that help swarm the field to initiate Contact Fusion. Lore wise, they seem to be the successor of Gusto in the Duel Terminal storyline. This archetype was released alongside Nekroz (another Duel Terminal archetype). Eventually, Konami would give this archetype a Pendulum Monster, known as Ritual Beast Tamer Zefrawendi, that ties it with the Zefra archetype.

Ritual Beast Tamer Zefrawendi is a pendulum monster that doesn’t actually support or interact with the Ritual Beast archetype. 

ritual beast

Scrap/Archetype (TCG/OCG)

Black Sheep: Scrap Archfiend

The Scrap archetype is an archetype of Machine monsters that focus on destroying cards and have effects that trigger destruction. The Synchro Monster, Scrap Archfiend, is a black sheep of the archetype. 

Scrap Archfiend is a Synchro Monster with no effects. Aesthetically, they resemble Scrap, but it doesn’t have the same gimmick as Scrap Monsters (makes sense since it’s a normal monster). Furthermore, Scrap Archfiend also belongs to the Archfiend archetype. 

The archfiend archetype comprises of Fiend Monsters with no set playstyle. For a while, they sport the LifePoints cost playstyle which they quickly abandoned. They then sport destruction as cost playstyle where their effects trigger when destroyed, which never really stuck with them. It also doesn’t help that the word, “Archfiend” (or “Demon” in the OCG), are a common name for many monsters. Therefore, this resulted in this archetype unintentionally receiving additional monsters that don’t support its playstyle. 


The Agent (TCG/OCG)

Black Sheep: The Agents

The Agents is an archetype of Fairy monsters that focuses on protecting their Field Spell, Sanctuary of the Sky, and swarming out their boss monster, Master Hyperion. Early The Agents monsters also have effects that require them to pay life points. Many members of the archetype have access to stronger effect if their Field Spell is on the field. Venus and Mercury are the black sheep of this archetype. 

The Agent of Creation – Venus and The Agent of Wisdom Mercury are the ONLY The Agent monsters who don’t have any additional or a stronger version of their effect if Sanctuary of the Sky is on the field. Furthermore, their effects don’t really support their archetype. 

the agent



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    January 4, 2021 at 7:55 pm



    Tbh, a lot of these feel like technicalities and/or just bringing up cards unrelated to the archetype that got similar names. Not that good of an article imo.

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    it’s not but ok

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    It is

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    @rebornthejam Not necessarily, the real black sheep: Dark Magician.

    This isnt about who have the most archetype support, its more about… who got the most effective COMPETITIVE support. Dark Magician got new support last year and it still isnt enough. DM needs better retrains and also needs to be backed 100%. Remind you that YGO was on the verge of falling off until they made Dragoon last year. That should tell Konami something. Konami withheld DM support from us for the past decades. DM honestly shouldve had more effective support backing him.

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    One of the most pandered to archetypes in the series cannot be considered a black sheep in any sense of the word.

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    DM’s been given more support than my fucking blind, crippled grandmother, he doesn’t need any more. I want Chemicritter support, not “haha this was used in a shitty anime 10 years ago so that means its good”

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    I’d argue Catastor is the black sheep of AoJ by virtue of the fact that it’s actually good, and works on any non-dark instead of just light.

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    expect that’s not how it works, cycle reader atleast keeps the idea of aoj since they’re a deck that hates on light monsters, catastor just destroys any attribute except dark

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    Not really if that was the case, I wouldnt ask for more DM support so it can subdue meta.

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    It isn’t a black sheep. Just because it isn’t meta, doesn’t mean it isn’t pandered to. DM has some of the most support of any archetype in the game, and although most of it is hot garbage, it’s still a lot. Way too much imo.

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    Didn’t the Chronomaly archetype actually debut in 5D’s? I seem to remember the old man in prison using them, but their boss monster is an XYZ.

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    No it didn’t, but his cards (Tenzen Yanagi) had a simillar theme – like Cabrera Stone and Crystal Skull. And yea Chronomaly is an xyz deck.

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    Remember appliancers? Yeah me neither.

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