Bird Up (Tri-Brigade Lyrilusc Variant) Deck Analysis & Guide


Bird Up is a deck that has recently gained popularity in the TCG. It has also been performing well in some recent Remote Duel Events, including the North America and Latin America Extravaganza Main Events. With its recent success, it’s good to know how the deck operates if you were to encounter it. In this article, we’ll review how the deck plays and some of its core strategies. We’ll also discuss some variations and techs that have been popping up and some of your counter-play options.


Introduction to Bird Up

Bird Up is a deck that came into fruition upon the release of Blazing Vortex. The deck features a Tri-Brigade engine alongside Lyriluscs. The main idea of the deck is to swarm the field and transition into multiple disruptions, and usually a Barrier Statue. The deck can also play an abundance of hand traps with a searchable D.D. Crow while retaining consistency. This gives the deck ways to undermine their opponents going 2nd, but still be able to consistently combo going 1st.

Deck Guide

The Game Plan

Bird Up’s main plan is to utilize the Tri-Brigade and Lyrilusc engine to generate problematic monsters for your opponent. The Lyrilusc engine is good as it has good starters with flexible effects. The Tri-Brigade engine is good because it gives you an easy and free way to summon Link monsters. Bird Up wins games by creating a board going 1st and holding that board until their next turn. If the opponent does not have an immediate answer to your threats, you’ll usually have enough firepower to push for a win on your following turn.

Going 1st and Going 2nd

When going 1st, the goal is to establish Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds alongside other disruptions. This can be done using Simorgh, Bird of Sovereignty utilizing the Tri-Brigade engine. Afterwards, your play depends on what cards you’ve opened up with. If you have enough extenders, Lyrilusc – Cobalt Sparrow can add D.D. Crow to your hand, providing another disruption. There are also a variety of strong Link monsters at your disposal. Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess is a great Link-4 to negate your opponent’s monster effects. Ancient Warriors Oath – Double Dragon Lords and Linkuriboh are also good options to protect your Barrier Statue. Ultimately, you want to build a board, maintain the board and end your opponent on the following turn.

When going 2nd, the deck has an abundance of tools to break established boards. One popular line includes summoning one of the Lyrilusc Rank 1 XYZs. If you’ve managed to summon one using Cobalt Sparrow, it’ll be immune to targeting, making it difficult to combat. Afterwards, you can smoothly go into Battle Phase and summon Zeus in Main Phase 2. The deck also features non-targeting banish in the form of Tri-Brigade Shurag the Ominous Omen which is a good way to get rid of Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon. The deck also plays a high hand trap count to help undermine your opponent’s development. 

Tri-Brigade Engine Explained

The Tri-Brigade Engine is a group of BEAST variant monsters that is used to easily generate Link monsters. This is done using their shared effect; banishing BEAST variant monsters from the GY to summon a BEAST variant Link monster. This gives it synergy with the Lyrilusc engine as well as other BEAST variant engines.

Here’s an example of one of the common combos performed by the Tri-Brigade Engine:

  1. Discard Tri-Brigade Fraktall; using its effect to send Tri-Brigade Kitt to the GY.
  2. Tri-Brigade Kitt‘s effect will trigger sending Tri-Brigade Nervall to the GY.
  3. Tri-Brigade Nervall‘s effect will trigger adding you Tri-Brigade Kerass.
  4. Summon Tri-Brigade Kerass through your normal summon or its own effect and proceed to use its effect; Banishing Fraktall, Kitt and Nervall to summon Simorgh, Bird of Soverignty

Tri-Brigade Fraktall

Tri-Brigade Fraktall is a Level 4 BEAST-WARRIOR with an effect to send itself from the hand or field to the GY to mill 1 Level 3 or lower BEAST variant monster from your deck. Fraktall is one of the best Tri-Brigade monsters to open with as it can easily get 3 monsters in the GY using the combo listed above. Fraktall can also be searched using Fire Formation – Tenki, and has decent stats if you need to use it to beat over a monster.

Tri-Brigade Kerass

Tri-Brigade Kerass is a Level 2 BEAST that can summon itself from the hand by discarding a BEAST variant monster. This makes Kerass an extender as well as a discard outlet for monsters you may want in the GY. Kerass is also usually how you enable your Tri-Brigade’s “Link from GY” effect as it’ll be the Tri-Brigade monster that is most often on the field.

Tri-Brigade Kitt

Tri-Brigade Kitt is a Level 2 BEAST that is a Foolish Burial for Tri-Brigade cards if it’s sent to the GY. Kitt is great for quickly building a GY and setting up for future Link play.

Tri-Brigade Nervall

Tri-Brigade Nervall is a Level 1 WINGED BEAST that is a searcher for Tri-Brigade monsters if it’s sent to the GY. Being a Level 1 WINGED BEAST gives it synergy with the Lyrilusc engine as it can be searched through Cobalt and summoned through Sapphire. It is also very easy to activate its searching effect as there are a plethora of natural ways to send Nervall to the GY.

Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom

Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom is a Link 2 with 2 effects. Its 1st effect lets you special summon 1 Level 4 or lower BEAST variant monster from your hand during the Main Phase. This is good for unclogging your hand and triggering your Lyrilusc effects. Ferrijit’s 2nd effect lets you cycle a card if it’s sent to the GY. This effect is useful in situations where you want to replace a card in your hand such as PSY-Frame Driver. Ferrijit’s main use is to help extend onto the board. Afterwards, you can link it off for something better which will trigger its effect to cycle a card.

Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller

Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller is a Link 3 with 2 effects. Its 1st effect lets you special summon 1 Level 4 or lower BEAST variant monster from your hand or GY during your opponent’s Main Phase. The monster that is summoned also has its effects negated and returns to your hand during the End Phase. This effect is useful for triggering Shurag during your opponent’s turn or to recycle one of your monsters if it goes uncontested. Rugal’s 2nd effect lowers the ATK of your opponent’s monsters by 300 for each monster type you control if it’s sent to the GY. This effect doesn’t come in handy too often but it could help you beat over an opponent’s problematic monster.

Tri-Brigade Shurag the Ominous Omen

Tri-Brigade Shurag the Ominous Omen is a Link 4 with 2 effects. Its 1st effect is a non-target banish that activates if itself or a BEAST variant monster is special summoned to your field. This effect is useful for outing monsters with targeting protection such as Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon. Shurag’s 2nd effect searches for a BEAST monster if it’s sent to the GY. 

Lyrilusc Engine Explained

Lyriluscs are composed of a group of Level 1 WINGED BEASTs whose goal is to create troublesome XYZ monsters. They excel in swarming the field from the hand and have effects that synergize with other Level 1 WINGED BEASTs. Lyriluscs are a strong companion to Tri-Brigade because they help accomplish your win conditions while offering flexibility and a unique going 2nd option. 

Lyrilusc – Cobalt Sparrow

Lyrilusc – Cobalt Sparrow is the searcher of the Lyrilusc engine. If special summoned, it can add a Level 1 WINGED BEAST from your deck to your hand. This makes Cobalt versatile for searching Lyrilusc monsters, but also for Nervall and D.D. Crow. Cobalt has another effect which makes WIND XYZ monsters summoned using it as material untargetable with your opponent’s card effects. This gives XYZ monsters summoned using Cobalt an easy path to becoming Zeus.

Lyrilusc – Sapphire Swallow

Lyrilusc – Sapphire Swallow is the extender of the Lyrilusc engine. If you control a WINGED BEAST monster, it can special summon itself along with another level 1 WINGED BEAST from your hand. This effect is also versatile as it makes D.D. Crow (which is a disruption card) also a potential extender. Sapphire also has an effect which gives WIND XYZ monsters summoned using it as material the ability to attach a Lyrilusc monster in your GY to it as material. This effect is useful for making 4+ material Zeus.

Lyrilusc – Turquoise Warbler

Lyrilusc – Turquoise Warbler is the starter of the Lyrilusc engine. It has an effect that allows it to be special summoned from the hand if you control no monsters. If special summoned, it can also special summon a Lyrilusc monster from your hand or GY.

Lyrilusc – Assembled Nightingale

Lyrilusc – Assembled Nightingale is a Rank 1 XYZ that has a few effects. The 1st effect gives it 200 ATK for each XYZ material it has. While it has a XYZ material, it can also attack directly and it could attack equal to the number of XYZ materials it has. Nightingale also has a quick effect that provides Lyrilusc monsters destruction protection by detaching a XYZ material. The main idea of playing Nightingale is an easy way to access Zeus. Since Nightingale can attack directly, it makes it easy to fulfill Zeus’s summoning conditions.

Lyrilusc – Recital Starling

Lyrilusc – Recital Starling is a Rank 1 XYZ that has a few effects. The 1st effect boosts the ATK/DEF of a monster by 300 for each material Starling has. This effect is useful for cementing Apollousa or Barrier Statue onto the field. The 2nd effect searches for a Level 1 WINGED BEAST by detaching a XYZ material. This effect helps to search for extenders to continue your combo or D.D. Crow to provide additional disruption for your opponent’s turn. Recital’s last effect makes all battle damage taken involving it when it’s XYZ summoned dealt to your opponent instead. Though rarely used, it can steal a win from your opponent.

Variations & Techs

Bird Up is a deck that has started becoming popular for a few weeks. Despite that, there are already many different builds and people adding their own twists to the deck. Some changes are minute and are based off player preference. Other changes can be as big as replacing an entire engine. In this section, we’ll be looking at the winning lists from the Remote Duel Extravaganza event as well as some popular variations that are popping up.

North America Remote Duel Extravaganza – Kyle Waterbury

Bird Up

In this list, we see the newly released Pot of Prosperity played at 2. Prosperity adds consistency and acts as an Ash Blossom bait for the 3 Gammas. If Gamma resolves on your own turn, it’s usually devastating for your opponent.

This list also features Rescue Cat, which has recently been rising in popularity amongst Bird Up decks. Cat is a solid normal summon option and helps fetch Tri-Brigade Kitt out of the deck and eventually into the GY. It’s also an easy way to summon a Link 2 while quickly setting up your GY. 

Another thing unique about this list is the inclusion of Tri-Brigade Rendezvous and Oath. Rendezvous can be easily sent to the GY through the effect of Tri-Brigade Kitt for its protection effect. This aids in protecting Barrier Statue or any other BEAST variant monsters you want to stick to the field. If drawn, Rendezvous can also offer some firepower as an unexpected ATK boost to your army. Oath is a trap that can summon Shurag on your opponent’s turn to offer disruption or any other BEAST variant monster depending on what you have on the field. It’s GY effect is also useful for negating Dark Ruler no More, Forbidden Droplets or any other S/T you run into provided you have one of each BEAST variant monster on the field.

Lastly, we’ll take a look at the Side Deck. Kyle’s Side Deck features Solemn Judgment, Imperial Order and various backrow removal cards. Through this lineup, we can tell that the side is tailored to include solutions against Dark Ruler no More and Forbidden Droplets; 2 of Bird Up’s biggest counters. It also packs enough removal to deal with control matchups which Bird Up usually struggles against. The 2 Cosmic Cyclones, 2 Lightning Storms and Harpie’s Feather Duster will usually suffice in clearing problematic backrow such as the very oppressive; Summon Limit.

Latin America Remote Duel Extravaganza – Andres Torres

Bird Up 2

In this list, we also see the use of Rescue Cat but it’s played at 3 instead of 2. We also have 1 copy of Kinka-Byo. With this lineup, we can tell that Andres values a solid normal summon as he plays 4 good monsters to start or use later in the combo.

We also see 3 copies of Cosmic Cyclone in the main deck along with Harpie’s Feather Duster. This is probably in anticipation to facing more control heavy decks such as Subterror and Eldlich. 

Lastly, we once again look to the side deck where we find 3 copies of Harpie’s Feather Storm. Feather Storm is a very powerful trap that can be activated if you control a WINGED BEAST monster. If you control a Harpie monster, it can also be activated from your hand. Feather Storm is strong because it negates all of your opponent’s monster effects for a turn. This makes it both powerful and versatile. When going 1st, Feather Storm can be set to oppress your opponent during their turn. If going 2nd, you can easily summon Harpie Conductor and activate it from your hand.

Harpie Variant

The Harpie variant of the Bird Up deck replaces the Lyrilusc engine with a Harpie engine. It also cuts down on some of the hand traps to make room for the extra cards you would want to play. The big advantage to the Harpie variant is the access to Harpies’ Hunting Grounds and Harpie’s Feather Storm. Hunting Grounds improves the matchup against S/T heavy decks which is inherently strong against the original version of Bird Up. Feather Storm is a card that the original version of the deck can play but shines brightest with Harpies as it can be activated from the hand.

Playing against Bird Up

With Bird Up’s increasing popularity, it’s important to know how andwhat you can play to give yourself an easier time against them. In this section, we’ll talk about where you should interrupt your opponent and some of the side deck options you have to make the matchup easier.


Side Deck Options

Artifact Lancea

Artifact Lancea is a popular side deck option against decks that need to banish to operate. In this case, Bird Up is no different. Because the Tri-Brigade engine needs to banish in order to summon their Link monsters, using Lancea will shut down an entire line of play. Lancea also hits some of their other cards such as Pot of Prosperity (if they play it) and D.D. Crow (if they would want to activate it on their turn).

Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju

Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju is one way to deal with Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds. Since Stormwinds locks you into WIND, Gadarla is the only Kaiju that can remove Stormwinds from the field. Gadarla is also multi-purposed as it can also remove Mist Valley Apex Avian, Apollousa or in other matchups, the troublesome Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon.

Dark Ruler No More

Dark Ruler No More is a side deck card that many decks have recently dropped. It’s extremely good against Bird Up as aside from their monsters, their only disruption is through hand traps. Dark Ruler is also good against decks that setup multi-negate boards such as Dragon Link.


Overall, Bird Up is a solid deck that has a lot going for it. While I don’t think it’s the strongest deck of the format, it is a deck you should understand due to its growing representation and recent dominance. As the format continues, you can expect to see changes to combat the cards being teched against them. While this isn’t an all inclusive analysis, I hope this article gave you a better grasp of how the deck operates and how you can play against it.


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