Basic Link Deck

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister
Submission Date: September 12th 2020
Author: Treven
YGOPRODeck File Download

Link summoning

Toggle Deck List
MonsterGussari @Ignister x1
Gatchiri @Ignister x1
Cyberse White Hat x1
Cyber Dragon x1
Code Exporter x1
Cyberse Wizard x1
Codebreaker Zero Day x3
Blade Knight x1
Code Radiator x1
Cyberse Gadget x1
Pikari @Ignister x1
Doyon @Ignister x1
Firewall Guardian x1
Widget Kid x1
Code Generator x1
Bururu @Ignister x1
Marshmallon x1
Cyberse Converter x1
Achichi @Ignister x1
Hiyari @Ignister x1
Donyoribo @Ignister x1
Micro Coder x1
Doshin @Ignister x1
SpellsCynet Codec x1
Cynet Optimization x1
Cynet Recovery x1
Cynet Storm x1
Cynet Universe x1
Ignister A.I.Land x1
Cynet Mining x1
Decode Destruction x1
One-Time Passcode x1
Spool Code x1
TrapsCyberse Beacon x1
Cynet Refresh x1
Cynet Regression x1
Limit Code x1
Recoded Alive x1
ExtraBorreload Dragon x1
Codebreaker Virus Berserker x1
Accesscode Talker x1
Codebreaker Virus Swordsman x1
Dark Templar @Ignister x1
Decode Talker x1
Decode Talker Heatsoul x1
Powercode Talker x1
Shootingcode Talker x1
Transcode Talker x1
Cyberse Accelerator x1
Code Talker x1
Cyberse Witch x1
Linguriboh x1
The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister x1

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