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Hi all! Alan here, the owner of YGOPRODeck.

For a long time now YGOPRODeck has been in need of a massive site refresh. I had planned to complete a refresh roughly two years ago but could never find time to do it properly. However, I am happy to announce that plans for a refresh have restarted and it's roughly 80-85% complete by my estimate.

Why a refresh?

The site has badly needed a refresh for a number of years now. It's out of date in a lot of aspects and creating/maintaining new features with its current architecture is tedious, to say the least. Once the site migration goes live, I will have another article writeup fully explaining the process, why it was needed and how it was completed.

Doing a refresh of the site will feel more modern but more importantly, it should feel a LOT faster to use. The current site is very inelegant in the way it accomplishes certain tasks and this is completely rectified with the refresh.

What is changing?

Pretty much the whole site! https://ygoprodeck.com and https://db.ygoprodeck.com will essentially be merged into a new custom CMS (content management system) format that I have been working on for the last few years.

The site is going to closely follow some of my other new sites that you may be aware of, namely https://pokemoncard.io, https://digimoncard.io, and https://marvelsnap.io.

Here is a small portion of some key changes:

  • Deck Pages overhauled
  • Article Pages overhauled
  • Card Database now fully integrated into the site
  • Specific Card pages now fully integrated into the site
  • 2FA option for your user account
  • Option to "Log in" with your Discord account
  • Fully functional site-wide cross-platform Night Mode
  • Pack Simulator now fully integrated into the site
  • Collection Manager now fully integrated into the site
  • The Forum system is now fully integrated into the site
  • New site notification system
  • Master Duel content is now fully integrated into the site (at a core level)
  • Submitting/Editing of Decks pipeline has been simplified massively, much faster, and much more accessible
  • New site-wide search for Cards, Decks, Articles
  • Deck Builder now has strict (and enforced) deck building submission rules

Please note, that all of your Decks, Custom Packs, and Collections will be migrated!

What is not changing/being removed?

Throughout the years, a LOT of invalid decks have been uploaded to YGOPRODeck and still remain to this day. The refresh was a chance to fix this and hopefully solve the problem for good.

As such:

  • Decks with less than 40 cards will not be migrated.
  • Decks with over 60 cards will not be migrated.
  • Rush Duel decks will not be migrated. Our sister site rushcard.io will now handle Rush Duel content. Side note, is there a demand for a sister site for Speed Duel content?
  • Eventually, Rush Duel cards will be removed from our database/API but still will be at some time after the site refresh and an announcement will be made.

Do I need to do anything?

When the site is migrated, all of our user accounts will be migrated. However, the password system is changing and thus passwords will be scrambled during the migration. Emails will be sent out to each one of your regarding and will contain a link to reset your password. However, you can also visit the site and choose to manually reset your password too. Discord login will also begin working immediately once the new site goes live.

What about my Progression Series Collection?

Your collection will remain untouched and will still be accessible on the new site. Pack Simulator/Collection Manager functionality should remain the same once the new site is live.

Is the API changing?

The API will remain unchanged and can still be accessed from the same URL. Image paths may be updated but an announcement will be made regarding this.

When is it happening?

I'm feeling very strongly about not rushing this. YGOPRODeck is a massive site and it can be quite easy to miss critical content during the migration. Having said that, I hope to have the refresh fully completed by the middle to end of August 2022. As stated previously, most of the refresh is already completed but I still need to do thorough testing on it.

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