Vanquish Soul Deck Breakdown Vanquish Soul is a new deck from Wild Survivors that can summon heavy hitters while maintaining card advantage.

Vanquish Soul features monsters with an aesthetic right out of a fighting game. Even its abbreviation, "VS," plays into the theme. In regards to its playstyle, all Vanquish Soul monsters have effects that can reveal monsters in the hand, akin to an assist character.

Tag In

All VS monsters have effects that can activate by revealing one specific attribute, and a combination of two attributes. For example, Vanquish Soul Razen can reveal a Fire and Dark monster to destroy all other monsters in its column, and likewise, Vanquish Soul Pantera can do the same but with Spells and Traps. Versus Soul monsters do not have to reveal other Versus Soul monsters, so they benefit from running hand traps such as the Fire attribute Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.

Character Select

While it may seem inconsistent to have all of these attributes in your hand at once, Vanquish Soul is not without consistency pieces. Vanquish Soul Dr. Mad Love and the aformentioned Razen search for a Vanquish Soul Spell/Trap and Monster, respectively. Stake your Soul! can tutor either monster from the deck, adding positive redundancy to its searching capabilities.

Finish Them

Vanquish Soul's coup de grâce are their massive boss monsters. Vanquish Soul Caesar Valius and Vanquish Soul Heavy Borger boast hefty 3000 and 2500 ATK totals respectively, but the latter also packs a reveal effect that inflicts 1500 points of damage every turn, including the opponent's. Valius can destroy a card on the field without targeting, and Heavy Borger draws a card every turn, slowly gaining card advantage as well. 

These behemoths can summon themselves by returning a Vanquish Soul monster you control to your hand as a Quick Effect. This lets you both avoid targeted effects on your weaker VS monsters, as well as letting Dr. Mad Love and Razen activate their searching effects again the following turn.

Round 2

While Vanquish Soul may struggle against non-targeting removal as a way to prevent their larger monsters from being summoned, they are not without recourse. Vanquish Soul Pluton HG can summon itself if you control no monsters, while Vanquish Soul - Continue? can revive a monster from the GY. On their own turn, Rock of the Vanquisher recurs monsters or uses negated Vanquish Soul monsters to extend from the hand. 

While the deck largely relies on its in-house effects to finish the match, their smaller monsters are all Level 4. This gives them access to the sizeable Rank 4 XYZ monster engine, which also includes Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder. Overall, the deck does not have any negates, letting the opponent play their cards to resolution. However, its hand-oriented playstyle lends to disrupting the opponent via destruction and drawing into hand traps in a way that is not easily predicted. 

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