TCG BODE Metagame Tournament Report: Weeks 3-4

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TCG Meta Deck Representation & Breakdown

Deck Breakdown: 

  • 14 Swordsoul (13 Tenyi Swordsoul, 1 Destiny HERO Swordsoul)
  • 9 Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade
  • 6 Destiny HERO Invoked Dogmatika
  • 6 Tri-Brigade (1 Zoodiac Tri-Brigade, 2 Destiny HERO Tri-Brigade, 2 Destiny HERO Dogmatika Tri-Brigade, 1 Melffy Tri-Brigade)
  • 4 Destiny HERO Sky Striker
  • 2 Dragon Link
  • 2 Eldlich
  • 2 Floowandereeze
  • 2 Destiny HERO Phantom Knights
  • 2 Orcust (1 Machina Orcust, 1 Danger! Orcust)
  • 1 Adamancipator
  • 1 Altergeist
  • 1 Destiny HERO Drytron
  • 1 Machina
  • 1 Madolche
  • 1 Pendulum Magician
  • 1 Other

Out of the decks in this week's breakdown, roughly ~30% play Destiny HERO Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer.

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Deck Highlights

Tenyi Swordsoul

Hani Jawhari - Tenyi Swordsoul

Hani Jawhari placed Top 8 with a 7-1 record at Gamer's Choice's Grand Re-opening Tournament.

He chose to play the Tenyi variant of Swordsoul, the most popular variant of the deck currently. In his build, we see a few new cards that weren't present in weeks 1 and 2. For starters, Hani chose to play Archnemeses Protos in the main deck. Protos is usually a side deck card that's great for locking decks out of their Light or Dark engines. By playing Protos in the main deck, Swordsoul has a strong tool for many matchups such as Phantom Knights, Drytron, Invoked variants, and Dogmatika. In the mirror, Protos can also call Water if you have Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign - Chengying on the board, preventing your opponent from summoning Swordsoul tokens. 

Tenyi Swordsoul also can summon Chaofeng, Phantom of the Yang Zing. Chaofeng is a Level 9 Synchro that will usually prevent your opponent from activating the effects of Light monsters. This makes it powerful against meta Light decks and engines such as Drytron and Dogmatika. Furthermore, Chaofeng also prevents your opponent from disrupting you with effects such as Effect Veiler and Nibiru, the Primal Being

Another new addition to the Tenyi Swordsoul deck is Heavenly Dragon Circle. Circle is a Quick-Play spell that adds more consistency to the deck. It also assists in playing through Effect Veiler and Infinite Impermanence. For example, one common line is chaining Circle to a Veiler targeting Swordsoul of Mo Ye. This lets you summon a token and search for a Wyrm monster. You can then add Tenyi Spirit - Shthana to your hand, which you can then summon and use to Synchro with your token for a level 8. Circle also has a recursion effect making it great in the grind game.

Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade ft. Small World

Arikado - Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade ft. Small World

Duelingbook player Arikado placed 1st after swiss and then finished 1st overall at the Pak LCS with an 8-1 record.

For this event, Arikado chose to play Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade featuring the new Small World package. Small World is a new card that has recently grown in popularity as a way to increase the consistency of some decks. This package uses Dynatherium which acts as a bridge between your Lyrilusc and Tri-Brigade monsters. Since Dynatherium shares only 1 of the same traits as Lyrilusc and Tri-Brigade monsters, it allows any Lyrilusc monster to search for any Tri-Brigade monster and vice versa. This gives the deck some added consistency as it provides another way to see both engines. 

Arikado also chose to play 1 copy of Tri-Brigade Oath in their Main Deck. Oath is a way to answer to powerful board breaking Spells and Traps like Dark Ruler No More, Forbidden Droplet, Evenly Matched, and etc. This helps cement the deck's ending board even further; preventing it from being wiped out by just a single blowout card. It can also be used as a disruptive backrow as it can easily trigger the effect of Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen

Destiny HERO Invoked Dogmatika

Benk2Kekw - Destiny HERO Invoked Dogmatika

Duelingbook player Benk2Kekw placed 4th after swiss and then finished Top 4 overall at the Pak LCS with an 8-1 record.

Benk2Kekw chose to play a relatively standard DPE Invoked Dogmatika deck featuring 3 copies of There can be Only One. TCBOO is an oppressive floodgate that is powerful in many matchups. The main strength of the card is that it's very effective at preventing most decks from developing a board. This makes it a difficult card to deal with for most meta decks without Spell and Trap removal.

Furthermore, TCBOO is also applicable against many less popular meta decks. For example, decks like Dragon Link, Floowandereeze, and Eldlich may find it difficult to play when they're restricted to only 1 of each type of monster. Since TCBOO prevents most decks from establishing 2 monsters on the board, it can be a solid win condition if unanswered. 

Another reason for this deck's success may be due to how the meta has shifted. With Drytron and Shaddoll strategies recently falling in popularity, the threat of dangerous cards in your opponent's Extra Deck is also lowered. As a result, Dogmatika Maximus becomes stronger, as your opponent will have less cards that benefit off its effect. This lets Maximus transition into Shaddoll Schism and El Shaddoll Winda which can be very oppressive. And with the lack of Elder Entity N'tss and Cyber Dragon Nova in most Extra Decks, most decks will need to see their Forbidden Droplet, Forbidden Chalice, or Infinite Impermanence for a fighting chance. 

Destiny HERO Dogmatika Tri-Brigade

Avery Foster - Destiny HERO Dogmatika Tri-Brigade

Avery Foster placed 4th after swiss and Top 16 overall with a 7-1 record at Gamer's Choice's Grand Re-opening Tournament. 

They played an interesting mix of Tri-Brigade, Dogmatika, and the Destiny HERO package. Their build features 3 Rescue Cat as one of the most powerful starters in the deck. Cat is strong since it's a one-card combo that ends on both Destiny HERO - Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer and Tri-Brigade Revolt. Additionally, Tri-Brigade, Ferrijit the Barren Blossom can also be used to cycle Destiny HERO monsters you may have drawn back into the deck before using Fusion Destiny. This combo gives the deck a way to enjoy the benefits of playing the Destiny HERO package while minimizing its drawbacks. 

Another asset to the deck is the ability to play Hraesvelgr, the Desperate Doom Eagle. With DPE running everywhere in the format, having an easy way to deal with it is invaluable. Since Tri-Brigade can bait DPE's effect and also easily summon Hraesvelgr afterwards, they have one of the most effective ways to deal with DPE this meta.  

Nadir Servant and Dogmatika Maximus are also here and can be used trigger the effects of your Tri-Brigade Extra Deck monsters. Although Maximus cannot be summoned after using Fusion Destiny, Nadir can still be activated. This gives the deck a way to search for Tri-Brigade Revolt while bypassing the restrictions of Fusion Destiny and Predaplant Verte Anaconda


Swordsoul still leads as the most popular deck of the format with Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade not too far behind. Drytron and Floowandereeze have also fallen a bit behind compared to weeks 1 and 2. Many other decks have also been contesting the top spots but none have had a definitive result yet.

Destiny HERO - Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer continues to be extremely prevalent; being found in many of the top decks. 

Small World is picking up in popularity and is starting to see more play. As the format develops, we may find it in more meta decks as a way to boost their consistency. 

Solemn Judgment has started seeing more play recently as a somewhat popular Side Deck option. Judgment is a good card going 1st as it can negate almost every board-breaking card or your opponent's key combo components. 


Week of November 15th - November 28th 2021


November 20th, 2021

November 27th, 2021

November 28th, 2021

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