TCG BACH Metagame Tournament Report: YCS Guadalajara 2022

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TCG Meta Deck Representation & Breakdown

Deck Breakdown:

  • 9 Branded Despia
  • 7 Prank-Kids Adventurer Destiny HERO
  • 4 Tenyi Swordsoul
  • 3 Phantom Knights Adventurer Destiny HERO
  • 2 Cyberse Eldlich Adventurer Destiny HERO
  • 1 Dragon Link Adventurer Destiny HERO
  • 1 Salamangreat Adventurer Destiny HERO
  • 1 Tri-Brigade Branded
  • 1 Rose Dragon Adventurer Destiny HERO
  • 3 Unknown (?)

Deck Highlights

Branded Despia

Andres Torres - Branded Despia

Andres Torres came 1st place at YCS Guadalajara with his Branded Despia deck.

For this event, Andres chose to play a pretty standard Branded Despia list with some non-standard ratios. For starters, Andres chose to play 3 copies of Fallen of Albaz. This is quite different as up until now, most builds only ran 1 or 2. While playing 3 does seem like a bit much, it does ensure that you'll never run out of fuel for Branded Fusion. Furthermore, Albaz can also be used to force a response with its Super Polymerization-like effect or be used for a hard Polymerization if necessary. 

Andres also chose to play 1 copy of Dramaturge of Despia. While Dramaturge isn't exactly a popular choice, it does have its merits. With a respectable 3000 ATK and disruption effect, it does apply solid pressure when it's able to get on the field. Another card that previously wasn't too popular was Despia, Theater of the Branded. While Theater doesn't look too impressive at a glance, its 2nd effect is actually quite useful in the mirror and at worst it's still another way to fuse.

It's also worth noting that Andres's list does not play any hand traps in the Main Deck. Since the Branded Despia deck is already so good at breaking boards naturally, hand traps aren't as necessary here as they are in other decks. Furthermore, Andres also plays 3 copies of Super Polymerization to further assist in breaking boards.

Cyberse Eldlich Adventurer Destiny HERO

Paulo Goncalves da Silva - Cyberse Eldlich Adventurer Destiny HERO

Paulo Silva came 2nd place at YCS Guadalajara with his Cyberse Eldlich deck.

For this event, Paulo chose to play a Cyberse Eldlich deck with a big hand trap lineup and some interesting ratios. For starters, Paulo's list consists of 21 hand traps in the Main Deck with another 14 in the Side Deck. This is a huge number of hand traps even by today's standards. While running such a high volume of hand traps may seem inconsistent, this is possible due to the 1-card engines of the deck. This lets the deck disrupt almost any of their opponent's development while still being able to play at their own pace. 

In terms of the rest of the deck, Paulo's list is fairly standard. While some of the Eldlich traps were cut to make space for all the hand traps, the deck's core strategy has mainly stayed the same. 

Tenyi Swordsoul

Christian Urena - Tenyi Swordsoul

Christian Urena placed Top 4 at YCS Guadalajara with his Tenyi Swordsoul deck.

For this event Christian chose to play a pretty standard Tenyi Swordsoul list. Swordsoul is a solid choice going into almost any event as the deck is one of the most consistent midrange decks of the modern meta. While the deck's strategy hasn't really changed since last meta, the standard Swordsoul end board is still quite powerful. 

One key difference between this meta and last meta's Swordsoul decks is their choice of hand traps. In specific, hand traps that interact with the GY such as D.D. Crow and Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion are more preferable now due to the rise of Branded variants. Additionally, these cards also have application against other popular engines which play Destiny Hero - Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer, Artifact Scythe, and the Eldlich Trap cards.

We can also see 3 copies of Anti-Magic Arrows in the Side Deck. Arrows is a strong tool that helps you setup safely against backrow decks. After resolving Arrows, you can then move onto Main Phase 2 and start chipping away at the opponent's defenses with your powerful Synchros. Monsters like Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing, Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing, and Baronne de Fleur are great for this as you can summon them naturally in your regular line of play.

Tri-Brigade Branded

Daniel Alonso Osuna Orduno - Tri-Brigade Branded

Daniel Orduno placed Top 16 at YCS Guadalajara with his Tri-Brigade Branded deck.

For this event, Daniel chose to go with one of the more off-meta options; Tri-Brigade Branded. Tri-Brigade Branded is a deck that functions similarly to the older Tri-Brigade decks with some new options offered by the new Branded cards. The main selling points of the deck is the new utility that Tri-Brigade Mercourier provides. By playing it with Albion the Shrouded Dragon and Branded Sword, Mercourier provides a powerful way to cycle resources. Branded Fusion is also a highlight here as a replacement to the previous Destiny HERO package. Mirrorjade is a powerful monster to end on and has additional value since the deck can also play Brigrand.

As an almost pure Tri-Brigade deck, Daniel also chose to max out on each of the standard Tri-Brigade monsters. This is necessary as the deck's primary ways of generating threats is through the Tri-Brigade effects. Therefore, while 3 Kerass might seem like a lot, it is necessary to make sure you're not stopped by just a single disruption. D.D. Crow is also worth mentioning here as it serves a double purpose. After using it to disrupt the opponent, it's also another resource in the GY to fuel your Tri-Brigade effects.


With YCS Guadalajara being the last major event before a new set release, there are some important things to take away.

Hand traps that monitor the GY such as D.D. Crow and Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion are quickly becoming staples due to the popularity of Branded Despia. Some decks are even playing Contact "C" as a Side Deck option as it can pose a problem especially if they don't play Sprind.

While Branded Despia is the most represented deck in the Top Cut, older favorites are also still present. Prank-Kids and Swordsoul variants are still here and continue to place impressively. 


Weeks of April 29th – May 6th, 2022
April 30th - May 1st, 2022
  • YCS Guadalajara 2022

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