Spright(en) up your Deck: Cheap Pick-ups! For aspiring Spright Duelists, it may be a good idea to get these cards to bolster your strategy!

Power of the Elements is upon us, and it brings two powerful decks in the form of Spright and Tearlaments. For aspiring Spright Duelists, it may be a good idea to get these cards to bolster your strategy! We'll only be going over affordable options so as to not break the bank. Special thanks to Yugipedia and OzoneTCG for helping with this article.


Eric Meadows mostly certainly tackled a wide array of cards for both Spright, Tear, and some other decks like Mathmech. If you want a more general look at stuff to get, check out his video above! For now, let's take a look at some Spright-specific options that may not be as well-known. It shouldn't be too late to get these cards!

The Shadows Beckon

Dark Beckoning Beast serves as an interesting alternative to Deep Sea Diva with its own unique upsides. Both of them are prime Hand Trap bait for the opposition, as they can get another Level 2 body on the field. Unlike Diva, DBB gets up to 2 more bodies thanks to Opening of the Spirit Gates. This Continuous Spell searches for the second copy of DBB which works with the extra Normal Summon. Additionally, it lets you revive one later in the turn all for a discard, which can unclog Frogs in hand. Since it sticks around, it can even be considered a form of follow-up. Spright can afford to pitch some cards due to the recursive power of Toadally Awesome.
So what do you do with all the free bodies you get out of this? Let's take a look at two key cards that are the main payoffs for running the engine.

The Anti-HT Squad

Enter Salamangreat Almiraj and Number 65: Djinn Buster! These two are great cards that help you play around certain hand traps, depending on your hand and what you want to try and beat. Almiraj also doubles up as an option to combo even with solo Swap Frog hands, so it has some added utility. Let's take a look at some example routes you can do with your beasts that beckon.
First up is Almiraj + Gigantic Spright. While this is weak to Nibiru, the Primal Being, this route can absolutely help sniff out Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit for you. Now that sounds a little neg to some as they could simply hit the Spirit Gates, but you should still be in a favorable spot either way. Let's go over some other options.
Djinn Buster is a pretty nifty Xyz monster, as he either helps insulate against HTs or acts as a formidable endboard piece! For example, you can make him right off the bat with the 2 Beckonings before committing power cards such as Spright Blue or Spright Jet. One of his best applications is alleviating pressure off of Toadally Awesome, making it harder to bait out.
If you're feeling adventurous, you can also go the distance and try adding Almiraj to the mix in the setup. Number 65's low ATK might seem like a downside, but thanks to Dupe Frog you have pretty good odds of keeping him alive. After you used up his effect, Spright Carrot or Spright Red can tribute him for a more powerful version of their negate.
All in all, the Dark Beckoning Beast package is a serviceable Normal Summon engine for Sprights and can be picked up for cheap. Djinn Buster is currently around $4-5 at the time of this article's release, which isn't too bad.

Clean-up Committee

Here we have two budget Rank 2 Xyz options for Spright to help clear the field going second! The deck does struggle a bit with that, after all.
Sky Cavalry Centaurea is the more standard of the two, as he can deal with threats that are normally difficult to out. This Xyz monster can't be destroyed by battle and can return a big threat back to the opponent's hand or Extra Deck, which is a form of non-targeting, non-destruction removal. Spright Elf can also assist in the effort, making Centaurea untargetable as he charges forward. In case you don't need to spin though, you can go for Downerd Magician into Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder to wipe the field and keep playing in Main Phase 2. You won't always be under the Level/Rank/Link-2 lock, after all. GFTP2 recently reprinted this majestic creature, so it's a great buy.
Onibimaru Soul Sweeper is more of a niche pick, as he helps in clearing 2 bodies at once. If the opponent goes wide, you can feasibly banish one of their threats and not worry about it until the trackback while punching another, which isn't half bad. Another upside to it is that it helps in securing lethal with this play. It's definitely not mandatory or anything, but as a cheap common in BACH it's worth picking up.

Here are some Link-2s to check out, as Spright is a flexible deck that can adapt to many situations. If they're ever needed, it's a good thing to have them ready!
Codebreaker Virus Swordsman isn't all too flashy and really only has one job to do. However, it's pretty good at doing that. OCG decks like Ishizu Tearlaments and the like have resorted to using Bagooska, the Terribly Tired Tapir to cheese their way and try to get a free win vs Spright. If you have a way to get any two bodies on the field, You can make Virus Swordsman and tear right through it without any issues.
Pitknight Earlie isn't available just yet (excluding pre-orders), but she's a great addition to the Spright arsenal. Her negation and ATK drain effect can help protect your cards from being run over, as well as having an additional way to convert all your extra bodies into an interrupt is amazing, acting as a sidegrade to I:P Masquerena in some games. The arrows aren't too troublesome, as she can point both to Elf and Red or Carrot for maximum results. Definitely grab your copies when the set releases.
The 3 Knightmare link monsters being, Phoenix, Cerberus, and Unicorn are all fine choices. Unicorn will be the most applicable, as a majority of lists will be on I:P anyway. The other two are a lot more niche, designed to be anti-techs against difficult cards opponents might start trying to run in order to get a leg up on Spright. All of them have inexpensive printings, so if you don't already own the three, it's a good time to get them.
Splight Tri-Brigade is an up-and-coming contender that not many people are talking about. Fire Fighting Daruma Doll and Ancient Warriors Oath - Double Dragon Lords are great to have for that deck, in addition to Earlie.

Extension Galore

Last but not the least, these two Spells in particular help the deck extend past tough spots. Spright has some issues if their first body on the field fails to stick, and Spright Starter won't always be there to get you out of that jam.
Emergency Teleport fits like a glove if you're on PSY-Framegear Gamma and doesn't have any real commitment cost to it. Instant Fusion takes up an Extra Deck slot which some people aren't willing to lose, but you do get some extra utility right off the bat. Thanks to Allvain the Essence of Vanity, the Gigantic you'll be summoning will have 3200 ATK right out the gate! Normally you need to commit a Link-2 monster to get Gigantic that big, but Instant Fusion does all the work for you.
All in all, both are valid options that can be used by Spright duelists to have some breathing room against removal or something like Tearlaments Metanoise.


I hope you enjoyed this quick guide on cheap supporting cards to get for Spright! Feel free to let us know down below if there are any major cards we missed. In any case, the OzoneTCG video will be a good supplement to this article. Until next time folks, Renren out!

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