Master Duel N/R Festival: Techs to Try!

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With the N/R Festival fast approaching, let us take a look at some tech cards that may prove useful to your climb! All of these cards are fairly generic and splashable, so they're pretty easy to use. There are still some hidden gems to work with, surprisingly enough.
It's been a while since we took a look at Master Duel, so let's get right into it! Special thanks to the r/yugioh Discord server for helping make this article possible!

Treasure Trove

Here's the list of goodies that I've compiled for us to talk about. All of them are fairly alright in their own way, with some cards being better than others for the event. I'll go over why you may want to consider giving them a shot at the festival.

Guan to Rule them All

Loyal Guan Yun's one sweet card if you lose the coin flip or if you're playing a blind second deck! This goes hand in hand with the overall lower power level of the N/R Festival, making sure this Ancient Warrior leaves a lasting impact on the field. It's pretty trivial for Guan Yun to drop itself on the field, pop a threat, and swing over another one, completely taking back the tempo of the game in your favor. It helps that the destruction is essentially free, provided your opponent has more monsters than you do.
Worst case scenario, Guan Yun will eat an opponent's defensive card such as Book of Moon or a Trap card. Still, that's one defensive gone, and you have your usual plays to work with. All in all, the only downside of Guan is that it's dead going first, but the same can be said with techs such as Kaijus. Last but not the least, you can always link it off at the end of the day once the job is done.

Dual Defenses

These two Quick-Play spells are going to be a common sight in the event, and for good reason. Book and Chalice are some of the best interactive cards out there and nothing comes close to their flexibility and usefulness. Regardless if you're going first or second, having them in your opener can bolster your hand.
Book of Moon is both efficient at clearing threats and stopping them from becoming a problem. In the format where Link monsters aren't as powerful, this gives you even more incentive to run the card. The card is simple and intuitive to use, provided you know the right thing to hit.
Does your opponent begin with a starter that has an Ignition Effect? It may be a good idea to hit that. Not only did they commit their NS, but they also won't be able to do much with the monster that got booked. On the flip side, if you're going second and a powerful threat is present on the field that could stop your plays, you may want to deal with that first. From there, you can clear it in the Battle Phase as most monsters don't have great DEF.
It is a -1 in card advantage, but the benefits that Book gives you are hard to come by. I highly recommend that you play some copies for the event. The card is strong enough to pull its weight in nearly every duel in the N/R Festival!
Forbidden Chalice is another clutch tool that you'll be seeing a lot for the duration of the event. It's straightforward, no-nonsense targeted effect negation! Similar to Book, you can get good mileage with it going first or second. You'll usually be saving Chalice for the opponent's playmakers or big threats, depending on how the board is shaping up. In some niche cases, you can use it in the Damage Step to win a critical battle with its 400 ATK boost.

Backrow Busters

Unfortunately for players in the N/R Festival, options for busting backrow are quite scarce. While there is always the trusty and arguably necessary to main deck Mystical Space Typhoon, mass removal options like Twin Twister, HFD, and Lightning Storm are absent. Not even Heavy Storm Duster or Hey, Trunade! made the cut due to them being SR or higher.
The choices for alternatives are quite slim as it is, but there are still some decent ones to choose from. You can supplement MST with either Mythical Beast Garuda, Jamming Waves, or Nobleman of Extermination. All of them essentially do the same thing, able to trade themselves and force out something in the backrow one way or another. This is important when cards like Torrential Tribute, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Phantom Knights' Fog Blade, and the like are going to be omnipresent.
If you want to get cheeky, I suppose Malevolent Catastrophe is worth some consideration too, but can be tricky to pull off. There is one more card we can talk about a bit later down the line.

Trap Palooza

Trap Cards are definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with, as they're hard to interact with plus being tough to remove in this format. Torrential Tribute is the best one, but there are also lucrative options such as Lost Wind, Bottomless Trap Hole, Compulsory, and friends. They can slow down the opponent's plays while securing yours, perfect for the N/R event.
Dogmatika Punishment is an underrated choice that can go in decks that don't mind losing out on Extra Deck access. Both Yosenju and Phantasm Spiral can make use of this Trap to great effect. While cards like N'tss and PSY-Framelord Omega aren't available, you can still destroy nearly anything with the pool available.
Special mention has to go to Fossil Machine Skull Wagon, who can get rid of a Spell and Trap your opponent controls on your turn. This makes Punishment a pretty versatile 2 for 1, good stuff!
Solemn Scolding is a pretty specific card, but it may be worth giving a shot in this format. Black Horn of Heaven could be cute in ripping through an important Special Summon. Fog Blade is an excellent tech that can lock down most monsters, making them useless unless used for material. The Paleozoic Trap lineup is decent too, with the trio of Canadia, Dinomischus, and Olenoides making for some reliable picks.

Honorable Mentions

As we won't have time to cover nearly all of the amazing options that can be considered in the N/R Festival, here are a few others discussed in brief detail.
Kaijus aren't half bad and work well in decks such as Yosenju which can re-use them repeatedly. Compulsory Evacuation Device can also grab them back in a pinch.
Dimensional Fissure can be a critical floodgate that has the potential to cripple certain decks. It can also act as a magnet for backrow removal if timed correctly.
Generic Links such as Geonator, Pentestag, Cross-Sheep, and Trackblack all have utilities that can come up in some games so don't sleep on them! If you need some extra firepower, both Virus Swordsman and Berserker of the Tenyi are as beefy as they come.


And that marks the end of our look at tech options in Master Duel's N/R event! I hope this article helps in deckbuilding, and that you folks enjoy the upcoming festival. Until next time, Renren out!

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