Master Duel Joins World Championship Series Yugioh Master Duel joins the World Championship Series for the first time! Qualifications revealed.

The path to the Yugioh Master Duel World Championship Series is unique compared to its TCG counterpart. Qualifying for the WCS is split in two parts: a preliminary stage and a Regional Qualifier.

The 1st Stage starts on May 16th and ends on May 29th. Players will duel to gain DLv., and once they achieve the maximum level, they may participate in the Regional Qualifiers.

In the Regional Qualifiers, the top ranked players of each region will become a Regional Representative at the World Championships!

Players will start the first stage at higher DLv. depending on their performance in the Ranked Duel Season 16.

The WCS Finals will be set in Japan on August 5th in a Team Battle format. Regional Representatives will team up in groups of three.

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