Master Duel Ban List Announced for May 2023 Master Duel released Tearlaments with an accompanying pre-emptive ban list, but the hits are minimal this time around.

Master Duel players may have expected more hits to Tearlaments, the deck of TCG and OCG infamy. While they were hit, the core of the deck remains as it was.


Instant Fusion (From 1)


King of the Swamp (From 3)

Foolish Burial Goods (From 3)


Change of Heart (From 1)


Sky Striker Ace - Kagari (From 2)
Thunder Dragonhawk (From 2)
Fire Formation - Tenki (From 2)
Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm (From 2)


The ban to Instant Fusion seems well-received, if not very impactful overall. The limit to King of the Swamp has been met with confusion, as it does not seem to be a popular card in high-level Tearlament decks. Otherwise, rogue decks receive consistency and long-game buffs with many key cards getting unlimited. 

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