LIOV's Scrap Raptor Could Be Our Treasure I am extremely fond of Scraps as an archetype. Back in the day, my mentor came up with all sorts of wacky Scrap theories that I would be proud to shar


I am extremely fond of Scraps as an archetype. Back in the day, my mentor came up with all sorts of wacky Scrap theories that I would be proud to share, but I digress. Naturally, it would come to be a pleasant surprise when Scrap Raptor was announced. Until many realized Scrap Raptor was way beyond Scraps alone, and could easily be the much-needed consistency piece for many other decks. From Scrap to Craft, right? It may be a bit late, but I will gather what others have conjured, and share our findings here, on probably the strongest Scrap Monster ever.

Fossil Fueled Fogy

Scrap Raptor

Scrap Raptor
Level 4 ATK/ 1400 DEF/ 1000

  • You can target 1 monster you control; destroy it, also you can Normal Summon 1 "Scrap" monster during your Main Phase this turn, in addition to your Normal Summon/Set. (You can only gain this effect once per turn.)
  • If this card is destroyed by the effect of a "Scrap" card and sent to the GY: You can add 1 "Scrap Factory" or 1 non-Tuner "Scrap" monster from your Deck to your hand.
  • You can only use each effect of "Scrap Raptor" once per turn.

Similar to all other Scrap Monsters, Scrap Raptor is NOT a machine, even if it heavily resembles one.
Scrap Raptor first grants an additional Normal Summon for Scraps, and it can designate itself for destruction. When this happens, Scrap Raptor can add any Scrap Monster from deck, for you to additionally summon. To summarize, Scrap Raptor gives the player the ability to Normal Summon any Scrap Monster from the deck. And this will be important as there are plenty of strong Scrap options to pick from.

Scrap Raptor's convenient characteristics also allows for a variety of cards to pair with. Notably, Scrapyard and Fossil Dig can search this out (along with Scrap Factory.) This means you can have up to 9 copies of Scrap Raptor in one deck, and 12 copies of any Scrap Monster you intend to search!

Scrap Raptor is also a Dinosaur, which fits snugly within the current Dinosaur decks we are accustomed to. More in depth later, but this showcases Scrap Raptor's flexibility in other decks. It is also notably a Tuner monster, and you may be thinking, "Crystron Halqifibrax!" Many others thought too! As a LV4 Tuner with no negative side effects, I will present this factor in several combos later. For now, let us peek at what this rising relic can fetch us.

Scrapped Targets: No Longer Cra-

As previously mentioned, Scrap Raptor is basically additional copies of any Scrap Monster. So what monsters are worth tutoring with Scrap Raptor? Here are my picks for the current era.

Scrap Recycler

Scrap Recycler

Scrap Recycler first made a resurgence as Orcust begun to dominate the game. Being able to mill any Machine monsters upon summon, Scrap Recycler held a spot as a starter card for Machine decks. In fact, with the introduction of Scrap Wyvern, Scrap Recycler's non-OPT effect came into importance along with Scrap Golem. Scrap Recycler would continuously trigger for repeated mills, and an enhanced board state that would result in Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess, before any combo even begun! Here is a general overview of the "Scrap Combo," which propelled Scrap Recycler to a busted card.

As Scrap Wyvern will require you to destroy 1 card for its effect, I will be using Mystic Mine for my "destroyed card" example. I may hate the card a bit, but I assure it is all for the sake of explaining the combo. You may substitute the card with any other card that you can get on the field before the combo as well.

  1. Summon Scrap Recycler. Activate Scrap Recycler to mill Crystron Rosenix. (you may use Jet Synchron/Mecha Phantom Beast O-lion if you have it.)
  2. Activate Crystron Rosenix in the GY to summon a token.
  3. Set Mystic Mine for destroying later.
  4. Link Scrap Recycler and Crystron Rosenix's token into Scrap Wyvern.
  5. Activate Scrap Wyvern, and Summon Scrap Recycler from your GY. Immediately, destroy the Recycler you just summoned.
  6. Activate the second effect of Scrap Wyvern, and Summon Scrap Golem from your deck. Scrap Wyvern will need to immediately destroy a card right after, so just destroy Mystic Mine.
  7. Activate Scrap Golem, and revive Scrap Recycler to your side of the field
  8. You may activate Scrap Recycler to mill any Machine you would like.

Your end board will result in Scrap Golem, Scrap Recycler and Scrap Wyvern. These three monsters can be linked away into Apollousa, Curious, Borrelsword, or any Link Monster you would prefer! The mentioned combo can easily deviate as Scrap Wyvern only needs 1 Scrap Monster + any other monster, so you can Mind Control your opponent's, or play extenders!

As you have seen what Scrap Recycler can do, Scrap Raptor will grant you more chances of seeing Recycler in hand to perform such combos.

Scrap Chimera

Scrap Chimera

Scrap Chimera was considered worthless until the introduction of Scrap Raptor. As Scrap Chimera's objective is merely to revive a self-destructed Scrap Raptor, you can easily make either a Level 8 Synchro, a Rank 4 XYZ, or a Link 2. This can either be Scrap Wyvern or even Crystron Halqifibrax. That is actually a lot of options to pick from! However, Scrap Chimera's functionality ceases when you open it without Scrap Raptor in GY, so it is a risk to consider.

Raviel, Lord of Phantasms - Shimmering Scraper

Raviel, Lord of Phantasms - Shimmering Scraper

Even the Wicked Gods are within the clutches of this prehistoric predator! Just kidding. In an unexpected turn of events, Konami has ruled this card to be included in the humble archetype of Scraps. If by some forsaken means you find yourself needing to add the Lord of Phantasms to your hand, please consider our little carnivore here. Otherwise, the Sacred Beast Deck would probably dedicate their normal summons to their mini-chaos minions.

Dusty Deck Lists and Crusty Combos

The introduction to Scrap Raptor has brought about revolutionary changes to plenty of decks. Along with buffed consistencies, some combos and interactions are now made possible only with Scrap Raptor. Please take a gander at these lists.

Pure Scraps

Only Scraps here

Pure Scraps usually start their combos with either Scrap Factory or Scrap Recycler. My version here dumbs down what Scraps are easily capable of. You can roughly notice that Scraps can tap into almost every Summoning aspect. Summoning and resolving Scrap Wyvern is the game plan here, so cards like Urgent Schedule and Three Tactical Talents helps add to the board state. This is definitely not the most optimal way to play though, but with Scrap Raptor, you can create anything you want.

Scrap Orcust

So when does the Orcust Combo start?

The Scrap Engine was already previously explored in Orcust, and has already shown enough success to call it reliable. The ban on Orcust Harp Horror wounded Orcust even further, to rely heavily on other archetypes such as Scrap. With the forementioned Scrap Combo above, this version would reliably mill 2 different Orcust names before summoning Apollousa, the counter to Nibiru. Once after, the pilot could easily perform the Orcust Combo without much fear. This version is much more explosive as well, as monsters after monsters would easily swarm the board beyond interruptions.

Scrap Golem would prove to be the biggest hinderance in this deck if you drew into it. But even that can be offset by simply Tribute Summoning away a special summoned Danger Monster. Or you could just perform the usual Orcust Combo without Scrap Golem in the equation.

There are plenty of videos detailing the raw strength of this deck alone, but I will link just one. Everything you need is on Youtube, help yourself!

Scrap Dinosaur

Source: TSX1 (and I modded it slightly)

Will Dinosaurs ever truly go extinct?!

With the addition of yet another busted Dinosaur, the prehistoric crew grows even stronger. Scrap Raptor is a secondary enabler for Lost World, and adds the unusually synergistic Scrap Engine to this self-destructive themed deck. Opponents will struggle to read Miscellaneousaurus, and your combos will resolve way too easily.

As the original promoter of the deck (whom I took this list from), TeamSamuraiX1 has kindly bolstered the list with his explanations, along with his combos! Be sure to check it out here.

Scrap FTK (OCG)

Due to the compulsory addition of Orcust Harp Horror, I can only provide an OCG version of this list.

This deck features an Orcust Engine along with maximum consistency to search Scrap Raptor. The end goal is to have your Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech inflict game-ending damage to your opponent within the first turn! How? Here's a video.

And this will not be Scrap Raptor's only FTK! Some variations will include Phantasmal Lord Ultimitl Bishbaalkin as the designated burn target, but the eventual result would always be Machu Mech wiping your opponent's life points to oblivion. Unfortunately, my research has not shown me any TCG FTKs yet, but the comment section is always open for you brave scientists!

My Thoughts and Carnivore

Many existing decks on the verge of irrelevancy has gotten a new breath of life with a single card. Scrap Raptor has, and will continue to create even more combo potential for the game. With such an effective boost, Scraps and Dinosaurs will no longer be extinct so easily.

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