Duel Terminal World Lore - Part 1

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Duel Terminals were real-life arcade machines that were released during the introduction of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. These machines offered the chance to play the trading card game with special "DUEL TERMINAL" Edition cards. These cards would be rewarded to the player after every game. Within these games, a narrative was created that tied various monster archetypes together in a world of their own. This series will explain the storylines presented through the Duel Terminals and Yugioh Master Guides.

Editor's note: This is the authors own interpretation of the Duel Terminal Lore.

The Beginning of the Cycle

Naturia Sacred Tree

On an unknown world, the Naturia Sacred Tree radiated energy across the planet. This energy took the shape of every lifeform born there. It returned to the Sacred Tree when they died. Combining two reincarnation systems, the Tree recycled its energy to regulate the cycle of life and death. These systems were known as "sefiroth" and "qliphoth."

The executives of these systems were the deities Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth, and Tierra, Source of Destruction. As these deities worked together, many lifeforms were created and destroyed. This included the Ancient Flamvell Deity. A few of the surviving species from this time were the Constellars, Fabled, Genex, and Steelswarm. It is unknown whether the Constellars were also born of the Sacred Tree.

A Battle of the Gods soon followed as Sophia wanted sole control over the Sacred Tree's systems. She defeated Tierra and used her powers to create a Core, sealing the other deity within the Tree. Sophia then broke this Core into ten pieces and scattered them across a faraway land. These pieces would later become the "Pyroxene" of the Gem-Knights. Having obtained the powers of both systems, Sophia retreated from the world.

Constellar Omega

The Constellar War

Sometime after, a species of demonic beings known as the Fabled sought to wreak havoc on the world. Created by the Fabled, a malicious psychic entity known as the Evilswarm infected the Steelswarm. The insectoid race then began to consume every living thing. The Fabled later fled to the Fabled Realm to escape being consumed by the Steelswarm.

In an attempt to stop this infection, the Constellar intervened and fought the Steelswarm. As a result of the evil power granted to the Steelswarm, the Constellars suffered heavy losses in the war. They soon became desperate. The Constellars developed machines that were immune to the infection. These mechanical constructs were called the Vylons. The Steelswarm were eventually forced to retreat underground. The Vylons then sealed them beneath the surface of the planet.

In the aftermath of their victory, the Constellars tasked the Vylons with overseeing the planet. Devastated by the loss of life, the Constellars returned to the stars. During this peace, Sophia used the Sacred Tree to create several new species of lifeforms to populate the world. She then entered a deep sleep in the Mist Valley.

The New Tribes

Prior of the Ice BarrierMost of these new species soon formed civilizations. In the Mist Valley, two isolationist tribes lived in the region - the Mist Valley, who were led by the Thunder Lord, and the Dragunity. On the borders of the Dragon Ravine, the Gusto tribe learned to commune with wildlife from the Dragunity. Worshipped by some of the native tribes, the Mist Wurm produced the mist that gave the valley its name. To the southwest was the Naturia Forest, which was inhabited by plant-like creatures known as the Naturia.

The Jurrac region was close to this forest, home to the fiery Jurrac dinosaurs. These creatures were a type of elemental lifeform, similar to the lava-based Flamvells. The Flamvell tribe were a humanoid race made of magma and rock who lived nearby. These beings were related to the Ancient Flamvell Deity that existed long before them. Elsewhere, an army of mercenaries called the X-Sabers formed and was headed by ten human commanders.

Of the civilizations created during this time, the Ice Barrier was politically the strongest. This is seen in their ability to lead other tribes and wield the most powerful weaponry. It was founded after the sealing of the three Ice Barrier dragons -  Gungnir, Brionac, and Trishula. This civilization lived in a snowy region near a mountain chain. Other unknown tribes also now shared the surface world. The many tribes that lived there fought each other for power and land.


W Nebula Meteorite

The Worm Invasion

The constant war that waged across the planet was interrupted when a W Nebula Meteorite impacted the continent. Alien creatures, known as "Worms," mutated from the organic matter found on the meteorite. These lifeforms were an invasive species that evolved to fit their environment. They quickly multiplied, consuming planets throughout the cosmos. The tribes of the world were forced to focus their efforts on the alien invasion.

While the tribes lacked information regarding the nature of the Worms, they fought them in their own ways. The Ice Barrier broke the seal that held Brionac - unleashing the ice dragon to push the creatures back. The other tribes dispatched powerful warriors to combat the Worms. These efforts were successful in defeating the gathered alien forces. However, the various assaults on the Worms caused them to evolve into more powerful beings.

As the invasion progressed, weaker tribes unable to fight died out. The four major tribes that remained held a gathering. These were the Ice Barrier, Mist Valley, X-Saber, and Flamvell. An alliance was created between these tribes in order to stop the invaders - the "Allies of Justice". The Dragunity tribe chose not to join this alliance, as they were only concerned with the protection of Mist Valley. The Naturia and Jurrac did not join as they were remote enough to not be in danger.

At the same time, the machines of the Genex became active. The Allies of Justice began developing and producing weapons to destroy the Worms. These war machines were called the Ally of Justice. One of these was created through complete cooperation between the four tribes, known as Ally of Justice Catastor. This perfect machine would prove to be a major success during each of its deployments.

The Genex Project

Genex UndineThe Ally of Justice machines repelled Worm offensives in several regions. However, the alien threat remained vigilant. Around this time, engineers within the alliance had confirmed the existence of the Genex. They were silent creatures who improved the environment around them. Since their activation, the Genex recognized the Worms as invaders and began to eliminate them. The Allies of Justice saw the potential of these creatures and launched an investigation into them. They hoped to use them to power up their war machines.

As the Worms evolved further in order to combat the Ally of Justice, they became more organised in their attacks. The X-Sabers were exhausted from many battles with these new invaders. This led Commander Gottoms to select the next generation of warriors. A new organisation called the "XX-Sabers" was formed. Each member now wore mechanical equipment. This armor used feedback from the improvements made to the Ally of Justice machines.

The conflict soon spread across the entire continent. Worm forces had finally reached the Naturia Forest. The usually peaceful inhabitants of the forest joined together to protect their home. Meanwhile, the alliance had discovered a way to utilize the Genex as "Central Control Cores." This allowed them to create more powerful machines, such as Ally of Justice Field Marshall. However, this particular machine had been damaged beyond repair by Worm forces and was abandoned. With the Allies of Justice needing more to defeat the Worms, their technicians investigated the W Nebula Meteorite. They discovered an alien substance that could vastly improve the power of their own machines. This made the alliance shift their focus from eliminating the Worms to exploiting them.

Fabled Valkyrus

The Return of the Fabled

The Allies of Justice developed new creations with this technology. One of these was a portal into neighboring realities - the Cosmic Gateway. Unfortunately, the machine was unable to produce the correct output, and so the portal was abandoned. Unbeknownst to the alliance, the Gateway had weakened the boundaries between realities. This meant that those who lurked in the Fabled Realm could once again return to spread chaos to the world.

The Fabled sent spies to the planet to report on its status and further bridge the two realities. Fabled Raven was sent to spy on the Mist Valley tribe. The Thunder Lord had previously voiced his concerns to the Allies of Justice over the ethics of exploiting the Genex. Using his powers to strengthen these reservations, Raven manipulated the Mist Valley tribe into leaving the alliance. They instead relied on the Mist Wurm for protection, but the creature perished in the conflict.

The Fabled crossed the bridge between the realities and descended upon the Jurrac region. Believing victory over the Jurrac was assured, the demonic beings underestimated the might of the dinosaurs. Unable to conquer the region, the Fabled sought to invade the rest of the planet. After the Mist Valley tribe left the Allies of Justice, the project to use the Genex resumed. The silent creatures had already started to optimize their own designs for combat. By implanting "Real Fusion Reactors" into Genex machines, the alliance created the R-Genex. This resulted in a new energy source for the Ally of Justice.

The Final Battle

Worm ZeroAs the rest of the world became aware of the Fabled threat, their forces fought on two fronts. The Worms and Fabled infiltrated the unprotected Mist Valley. This was until the Dragunity tribe helped to push them back. This led to the Mist Valley rejoining the alliance. As an answer to the army of Worm and Fabled invaders, the Ice Barrier broke the seal that held Gungnir. In response, the Worm invasion became more chaotic. The Allies of Justice focused their resources on the construction of an ultimate weapon - Ally of Justice Decisive Armor. It was an enormous floating fortress with the most powerful weaponry ever known.

Following reports of a massive Worm threat detected in an abandoned city, the alliance deployed Decisive Armor in anticipation. Suddenly, a giant portal opened above the city. A terrifying creature called "Worm Zero" emerged from this portal and lingered in the sky. The Allies of Justice realized that it had created and sent the W Nebula Meteorite to their planet. Worm Zero then consumed the remaining Worm forces on the surface. The alliance deployed every last machine to defeat the creature.

A fierce battle was waged in the city. Decisive Armor and Worm Zero exchanged the final blows. The ultimate weapon was destroyed, but the Worm threat had finally been eradicated. The alliance celebrated their victory at the end of the war. However, this peace would eventually prove to be short-lived...

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