Common Charity Patch Notes: The 2022 Mega-Tins Update!

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Welcome back, Common Charity friends! Renren here today bringing you another CC Patch Notes update. The full setlist of the 2022 Mega Tins has been discovered thanks to the early openings of the various Yu-Gi-Oh content creators. Once again, in collaboration with the CC Discord, welcome to the second Patch Notes update! Special thanks to Yugipedia, OzoneTCG, Halfmiss, and all of my Common Charity friends!  Without further ado, let's dive right in!

Make a Beeline for Success


Beetrooper is one of the most exciting additions to the Common Charity format! Nearly all of their cards, with the exception of Beetrooper Scout Buggy, are now available as Commons! This is great news for anyone who wants to try out the deck, not to mention the solid foundation that Insect support already had in the format. Resonance Insect, Retaliating "C", and Gokipole come to mind as powerful options that can get you quite far. All three are quite critical for the deck's plays, so don't leave base camp without them.

TCG's iteration of the deck often paired it up with Battlewasp monsters due to their high value and useful effects, but they're locked away here due to being Ultra Rares. Not to worry, as CC has enough tools to make the deck work. Old standbys like Galaxy Worm and Primitive Butterfly work just as well. For the Extra Deck, both Seraphim Papillion and Inzektor Picofalena also come in common. So what does Beetrooper do?

Beetrooper is a midrange Link-based Insect strategy that can generate a lot of free resources simply by playing the game. This is backed up by several forms of layered disruptions alongside guaranteed follow-up, making the deck quite the contender in the format. What separates it from the competition is its access to unique tools the format hasn't really seen before! 

image image 

Decimate your opponent's GY strategies with Beetrooper Sting Lancer! This beefy hand trap can allow you to stifle recovery or revival attempts. You can pair it up with the aforementioned Retaliating "C" to really stick it to the opponents, having two exclusive HTs at your disposal. That's not all though, as when Sting Lancer is Normal or Special Summoned, you can search any Beetrooper Spell / Trap that you may need. With the help of Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas, you're able to consistently trigger this effect on your turn as it fetches Lancer directly from the Deck.

One such example is Beetrooper Fly & Sting! Not many decks in the format can boast an easy-to-access Counter Trap that negates monster effects and also destroys them! As a bonus, it can re-set itself back to the field should the game take longer than usual. Beetrooper Descent and Beetrooper Formation are also nice to get should the situation call for it, as the two Spells give some nice extension and recovery.




Resonance Insect is one of the core pieces of the Deck that ties everything together. If it's sent from the field to the GY, you're able to add a Level 5 or higher Insect monster from the Deck to the hand. If it's banished, you can send 1 other Insect monster from your Deck to the GY. As you can see, both of these effects aren't tied to any (hard) once per turn restrictions. Due to this, the deck often makes use of Reso's search and banish effects multiple times per turn. Picofalena can get you another copy as well, thanks to her Equip effect. Search Doom Dozer and Sting Lancer? Yes, please. Send Gokipole and Beetrooper Scale Bomber? Go for it! The second effect of Reso is fairly trivial to trigger, thanks to Beetrooper Armor Horn having to banish insects to revive itself.

Power of the Elements brings a new searchable target for Resonance, being none other than Krawler Soma! This absolute unit allows you to effectively board three Insect bodies in total, all for a low low price of flipping a monster you control face-down. Soma acts as a great extender if you opened it already, or a nice thing to grab off Reso if not. You do also have to run some targets for it, but this is more than manageable. Their benefits don't stop there though, as you can add X-Krawler Neurogos to the end board, which when outed revives both Krawler Axon and Krawler Spine face-down, letting you make use of their formidable removal effects.

Your usual end board often involves Invincible Atlas + Seraphim on the field, with the counter Trap also being set. Sting Lancer and/or Ret C will also be waiting in the wings for your opponent to deal with. The link-3 can also revive Scale Bomber for some extra assistance if needed. All in all, Beetrooper is a force to be reckoned with. 

Bewitching Winds

image image 

Good news for Spellcaster fans, as Caster pile gets quite a significant buff in Common Charity. It's a deck that has been experimented on by the likes of Halfmiss, but never really took off as Fairy Tail - Luna alone isn't enough to carry the entire deck. However, this could all change with the introduction of two new additions! Windwitch - Freeze Bell (and technically Windwitch - Blizzard Bell in some cases) helps solidify the WW engine to be a lot more consistent, as Windwitch - Glass Bell turns into a playmaker all on her own. This also gives you easier access to Awakening of the Possessed - Rasenryu for some removal and tempo plays, even letting you search some nice Possessed S/T to boot. Trickstar fans may also enjoy the buffed WW package, as the two decks pair up surprisingly well together! Speedroid also is a major benefactor of these additions.


imageEda the Sun Magician is a great addition that adds another strong Normal Summon for Caster Pile! She's able to summon up certain Spellcasters to disrupt the opponent, and her effect to summon doesn't conflict with Windwitch - Ice Bell's Extra Deck lock, thankfully. There are three main options to consider. Green Turtle Summoner is the most consistent of the bunch, as it can clear away threatening bodies. OG Charmers can be clutch in matchup-specific situations, and lastly, Gravekeeper's Shaman can stifle GY effects quite hard! A fair amount of decks in the format may be in for a nasty surprise if you can pull it off.

Extra Deck Friends



Stellar Wind Wolfrayet is another addition to the Level 9 Synchro pool in Common Charity! It offers an alternative sidegrade to Ravenous Crocodragon Archethys that can pump itself quite high and also threaten to wipe the field, albeit not immediately. It's fine for what it does, as sometimes Croc falls a little short in punching over threats due to its ATK being dependent on your hand size. Decks such as Caster Pile and Speedroid can get some good mileage out of it.

Sacred Tree Beast, Hyperyton may seem hard to summon, but that's only at first glance. Thanks to the reprint of Rikka Queen Strenna from last year's Tins, it's actually fairly trivial to bring out this boss monster with a monster negate, minimum! POTE's Rikka Princess can also help in this regard. Negation effects that also destroy are quite hard to come by in Common Charity, and Hyperyton can diversify and refill its Xyz Materials depending on what you need it to do. If against Trap heavy decks, attaching your own Traps may be a good idea for example. 




Materiactor Gigaboros bolsters Fiend toolbox quite nicely and pairs exceptionally well with Tour Guide From the Underworld to great effect! The process is quite simple, use Gigaboros to detach the Fiendish Rhino Warrior you summoned off TGU to add Materiactor Gigadra to your hand, which is a free Level 3 (or Rank 3, depending if you want to fully commit to the package) for later. This triggers Rhino and lets you access any Fiend you may want in your grasp. Options such as both Dark Spirits or Absolute King Back Jack allow for a lot of flexibility. Lastly, during the opponent's turn, you can add back the Tour Guide that's still under Gigaboros. Not too shabby.




Baking Wight


Wightbaking is a HUGE addition for Skull Servant fans, as it is the final piece of the puzzle that actually makes the deck playable in the format! This skeleton chef speeds up the deck by a considerable amount, giving you a double search and GY setup for very little effort. What you wanna search off the various Wight monsters and pitch will be dependent on the board state, but all of them are good options nonetheless. Thanks to cards like Linkuriboh, Uni-Zombie, and Twin Twisters you have a lot of opportunities to get Wightbaking into your GY all while benefitting from it at the same time! Skull Servant won't be a tier 1 metagame destroyer, but it'll be a nice and rewarding OTK-based strategy that can perform at a decent level. 


Common Utilities




Last but not the least, here are some other semi-generic cards that are good to keep in mind. Psychic Eraser Laser is poised to be a decent alternative to Kaijus against decks that may find difficulty in outing big monsters, or have them be roadblocked by dastardly floodgates such as Gozen Match or Rivalry of Warlords! CC has a good amount of threats to hit with this, so it may be worth considering. Let's list some popular targets to erase, including, but not limited to Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons, Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree, Lunalight Leo Dancer, Berserker of the Tenyi backed up by Mapura and Shthana,  Scrap Dragon (cuts off the floating into Raptor), F.A. Motorhome Transport, Light Dragon @Ignister, and Tornado Dragon (without having it prey on your backrow). It's not for everyone of course, as the big LP gain you give the opponent makes it so OTK strategies can't really rely on it.


Expendable Dai and E.M.R. are great Type-specific utility Traps that help bolster decks such as HERO, Trap Gouki, Cyber Dragon, and strategies that turbo out Gear Gigant X, respectively. Both types now have a great way to out threats on the board, with each having their own upsides. The Gouki monsters and Elemental HERO Shadow Mist all benefit from being sent from the field to the GY, letting you get additional value on top of the draw Expendable gives you. Need to clear their monster? There Can Be Only One or Skill Drain obstructing your progress? Dai has got you covered. EMR has an extra kick to it as it can take out multiple cards should the Machine monster have a high enough ATK. 


That's all the time we have for now folks! What do you think of the Mega-Tins update? It's the biggest amount of commons the format will get in one go, so we're all excited to see how the players will make use of the new tools provided to them. Who knows, maybe even Suship, Magikey, Armed Dragon, or the Gizmek stuff may also see some play. Until next time folks, Renren out! See you in the next Patch Notes update, most likely next year.



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