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The YGOPRODeck Collection Manager has now been overhauled!

I am very happy to finally present a new YGOPRODeck Collection Manager. This was one area of the site in particular that did not get any changes when we made our massive site overhaul back in August and it was by far one of the most requested portions of the site to be reworked.

Find below a changelog of the most important changes made to the Collection Manager:

- Completely Overhauled UI featuring an "Image" view and a "Text" view of your Card Collection.

- Infinite scrolling while viewing your collection.

- Mouse hover on "Image" view to view detailed information about that card.

- Options to toggle both overlay and card tooltips.

- Mobile Compatability was worked on from the beginning and should be much more mobile compatible than our old Collection Manager.

- Proper filter options for your card collection (type, level, attribute, card set, rarity, etc).

- Collection Tools tidied up into Modal-styled pop-ups.

- A logger to view events while using your collection.

- Big improvements made to purchasing your collection via TCGplayer. Previously if the collection was too large then the TCGplayer purchase (via their Mass Entry tool) would fail.

- Improvements made to how the manager handles cards inside boxes. Previously, If you card "Time Wizard" in a box called "Box1" then that exact same copy of "Time Wizard" could not live anywhere else. This caused a massive amount of confusion to users who were particularly doing "Progression Series" as they would add cards to a box and then find that if they attempted to add the same card to another area of their collection that it would then appear as if the card wasn't added when in fact it was simply incrementing the quantity of the copy found in "Box1". I'm happy to announce that this has now been improved and cards can live in multiple locations!


So there you have it! There are other small changes under the hood but those are the major ones.

Feedback is massively appreciated so please do not hesitate to report on any issues found!

New Manager:

Old Manager:


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