Challenge your Friends with the Draftmaster Cube!

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Welcome to the Draftmaster Cube!

Do you want to prove your skills to your friends?

Want to combine deckbuilding, technical play and meta knowledge?

Then look no further! The Draftmaster Cube is all you've been looking for, and more. Using the brand new YGOPRODeck Cube API you can now make, host and play cubes on this very site. Among all the user-generated cubes, however, one stands tall and proud: The Draftmaster Cube, honed to perfection to provide the most skillful and rewarding gameplay the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG can provide.

Do you have what it takes to beat your friends and become the draft master?


What is a cube draft?


Before we get into the specifics of Draftmaster, however, we have to explain what a cube draft is. 

A draft cube is a collection of cards meant for draft. A draft cube can be any size but in this site you'll find cubes starting at 120 cards. YGOPRODeck supports draft from 2 to 8 players, although this specific cube only supports 2.

Once you have your cube and your players in place, the draft proper will begin. Both players will get 15 random cards from the cube and pick one to add to their decks. The 4 remaining cards are then passed to the other player, who picks one card from it and adds to their deck. This repeats until there are no more cards, in which case each player picks 15 more cards from the cube and play continues.

This goes on until each player has drafted 60 cards. Then, you build a deck with these cards and duke it out!

Because of the pack-passing mechanic, any card you didn't pick your opponent may pick - if you're playing a backrow deck you might want to pick Heavy Storm  just so your opponents don't use it against you, even if you don't end up using it.

So, what is the Draftmaster Cube?

image Draftmasters is, simply put, the apex of 1v1 cubing for both casual and competitive players.

Draftmasters was made with an eye on what matters the most: interaction and choices. Almost every card in the cube has more than one way of being used: offensively or defensively, on your monsters or your opponent's, greedily or safely. Draftmasters was made with as little fluff cards as possible, meaning no matter what you'll have at least a capable build on your arsenal.

At the same time Draftmasters was made with an eye for the kinks of 1v1 cubing: if you realize what strategy your opponent is going for during the drafting you can snag precious combo pieces from them or pick the best counter cards to gain the upper hand!

Many strategies are possible: Chaos, Toolbox, even the Paleozoic monsters are around! Do you have what it takes to pick the best cards, make the best deck and beat your opponent? Only one way to find out!

Getting Ahead on the Game

image Need an extra push to be at top of your game? Fret not - here's some of our top tips for Draftmaster!

  • Think long and hard when drafting, specially when it comes to Upstart Goblin. Oftentimes, picking a strong card like Paleozoic Dinomischus over Upstart is preferable.
  • Do not let your opponent get all the pieces of the P.U.N.K. engine! If you saw your opponent take Joruri-P.U.N.K. Madame Spider or any of the backrow, try to snag the other pieces of the set; their synergy is immense if a player has all the cards.
  • Do not underestimate cards - cards like Senri Eye or Vivid Tail may look useless but they can be the upper hand you need in a duel.
  • You don't have to instantly pick cards like Sangan or Mystic Tomato - if you let your opponent have a lot of cards like them you can punish them with cards like Silent Graveyard or Amazoness Trainee !
  • Prufinesse, the Tactical Trapper can banish Paleozoics off the opponent's GY. A super nice pickup if you see them hoarding on Paleos!

And if all of this still fails, remember: There is no shame in losing. Examine every loss and you'll be the winner in no time!

Setting up a Game

image Want to try out? Good! Just follow these steps to have a game running:

1: Send this article to a friend and ask them if they want to play

2: Go to and click "Clone Cube"

3: Then, go to "Cubes", "My Cubes", find Draftmasters, and click "Play Cube"!

4: Send the invite code to your friend and follow the instructions on-screen to draft.

5: After you both have your cards, import the .ydk and either import it to Dueling Book or into EDOPro.

6: Finish trimming down your decks and, when both players are ready, host the room! Bo3s are recommended.

7: And may the best player win!

As a quick aside, historically Yu-Gi-Oh drafts used to play with a rule that all monsters were treated as being of every type and attribute. Draftmasters does not use these rules; monsters are only the type and attribute that are printed on the card. Good luck, and may the best player win!



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