Card Review: Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians After the death of Heavymetalfoes Electrumite, Endymion decks have landed in an awkward spot. Their plays became dependent on their opening hands, and


After the death of Heavymetalfoes Electrumite, Endymion decks have landed in an awkward spot. Their plays became dependent on their opening hands, and their ending boards have become less consistent. However, Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians arrives in Duel Overload and offers assistance to her mighty king.

What Does Selene Do?

Selene is a Link 3 monster whose arrows all point downwards. Summoning her to the Extra Monster Zone is most ideal. She carries a pitiful attack of 1850, and requires any 2+ monsters for her recipe, as long as one of them is a Spellcaster.

Selene's first effect basically says, "Add a ton of spell counters when you summon her". She gains a counter for every spell on the field and in both GYs. While any other Endymion card is on the field, she cannot be attacked. This is useful for her low attack stat. Finally, the most important effect is her quick effect. Once per Main Phase, she can summon any Spellcaster from the hand or GY to her arrow by removing 3 spell counters from your field. This effect produces an insane amount of potential for this card.

Selene's Pros

Selene's quasi generic recipe makes her easily accessible. Her easy recipe allows her to be made with I:P Masquerena, which can protect her from card effects and potentially from attacks. Other link 2s can easily link climb to Selene. She also has beneficial link arrows, giving the owner 3 and the opponent none.

Selene's ability to gain a massive amount of counters sets up for cards like Endymion, the Mighty Master of Magic or Mythical Institution. However, the real gem is her quick effect. To summon any Spellcaster from hand or GY gives it dangerous potential. Early experiments with Selene have already cheesed out El Shaddoll Winda. There are a myriad of Spellcasters to summon and Selene heavily synergizes with Magicians' Souls. Souls alone provides a Spellcaster link material along with any level 6 or higher Spellcaster in the GY. In Endymion decks, this is an additional mighty Endymion or a Mythical Beast Jackal King.

Selene's Cons

While Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians is a great card, there are downsides to her. For one, her effect summons to her arrow, making her susceptible to cards like Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. Also, the monster is summoned in defense position. Powerful monsters like Endymion, Jackal King, and El Shaddoll Winda prefer to be in attack position because they have very low defense stats. There are only a few spellcasters that benefit from summoning in defense, like Reflection of Endymion. Despite being a quick effect, her effect is limited to the Main Phase only. This restricts a lot of playmaking abilities outside of the Main Phase.

Selene's link rating is a blessing and a curse. Three downward arrows enable larger pendulum summons from the extra deck. However, a link 3 rating is quite a difficult investment pre-pendulum summon. She will not be as easy to summon as Electrumite, and she does not come close to what Electrumite offers.


Overall, Selene is a fantastic card. She is no Electrumite, but she contributes to the Endymion strategy. Offering a ton of spell counters, amazing arrows, and a quick effect special summon is nothing to scoff at. Once released in Duel Overload, she will be a staple and a great help in Endymion decks.

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