Ancient Gear MR4

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Chaos Ancient Gear Giant
Submission Date: November 21st 2017
Author: Gage Palmer
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The main strategy is to get a combination of 2 "Chaos Ancient Gear Giant" or "Megaton Ancient Gear Golem" with a "Missus Radiant" or any other Link Monster one can make and OTK the opponent. Fortress is a good card to have on field whenever you play, as it makes all your Ancient Gear effects "Spell Speed 4".

Deck List
MonsterAncient Gear Golem x3
Ancient Gear Wyvern x3
Ancient Gear Gadget x3
Ancient Gear Box x3
SpellsOverload Fusion x3
Trade-In x2
Ancient Gear Catapult x3
Ancient Gear Workshop x3
Ancient Gear Fusion x3
Terraforming x3
Pot of Acquisitiveness x2
Ancient Gear Fortress x3
Geartown x3
TrapsSolemn Strike x2
Solemn Warning x1
ExtraChaos Ancient Gear Giant x3
Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem x3
Megaton Ancient Gear Golem x3
Ancient Gear Howitzer x2
Missus Radiant x2
SideTwin Twisters x2
Heavy Storm Duster x2
Lost Wind x2
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