All star part 2

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon
Submission Date: May 2nd 2018
Author: Performapal king
YGOPRODeck File Download

Win and win

Deck List
MonsterCyber Dragon x3
Cyber Dragon Drei x3
Cyber Dragon Core x3
Cyber Laser Dragon x1
Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3
Maiden with Eyes of Blue x2
Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon x1
Rainbow Dragon x2
Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus x1
Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth x1
Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger x1
Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle x1
Crystal Protector x1
Crystal Vanguard x1
Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat x1
Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise x1
Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle x1
Rainbow Dark Dragon x1
Elemental HERO Neos x1
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon x3
Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon x1
Performapal Trump Girl x3
SpellsEvolution Burst x2
Photon Generator Unit x1
Chaos Form x1
Rare Value x1
Crystal Blessing x1
Crystal Promise x1
Crystal Abundance x1
Crystal Beacon x1
Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins x1
Over the Rainbow x1
Crystal Tree x1
Crystal Release x1
Fusion Gate x3
Polymerization x1
Odd-Eyes Advent x1
TrapsRainbow Gravity x1
Rainbow Path x1
Crystal Counter x1
Crystal Pair x1
Crystal Raigeki x1
Crystal Hoard x1
ExtraCyber Twin Dragon x1
Cyber End Dragon x1
Cyber Dragon Nova x3
Cyber Dragon Infinity x3
Rainbow Neos x1
Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon x1
Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon x1
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon x1
Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon x1
SideRainbow Dark Dragon x1
Evolution Burst x1
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