Akiza Izinski-Psychics toxic deck

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Hyper Psychic Blaster
Submission Date: February 14th 2019
Author: sam50
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Akiza Izinski


Akiza Izinski

Akiza Izinski, known as Aki Izayoi in the Japanese version, is a main character in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and was one of the Signers. She is also called the Black Rose, or Black Rose Witch in the Japanese version.

Akiza possesses an extremely strong special ability which sets her apart from the rest of humanity, and even the rest of the Signers. This psychic ability enables her to materialize and bring to life monsters and the effects of Duel Monsters cards, allowing her to freely control them similar to Yami Bakura and Jaden Yuki.




Psychic monsters also support a heavy Synchro element with cards like "Emergency Teleport", "Mind Master" and "Overdrive Teleporter". They contain many notable Synchro Monsters, including "Thought Ruler Archfiend", "Magical Android", "Hyper Psychic Blaster", and "Overmind Archfiend". For a long while, there was no pure Psychic archetype, though half of the "Gusto", "Ritual Beast", and "Kozmo" archetypes were composed of Psychic monsters. The first pure Psychic archetype was released in Booster SP: Highspeed Riders; "PSY-Frame", followed by the "Metalfoes" in The Dark Illusion.

Prominent Psychic monsters include "Mind Master", "Psychic Commander", "Silent Psychic Wizard", "Thought Ruler Archfiend", "Serene Psychic Witch", "Overdrive Teleporter", "Esper Girl", "Hushed Psychic Cleric", "Psychic Jumper", "Psi-Blocker", and "Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit".

Toggle Deck List
MonsterArmored Axon Kicker x1
Destructotron x2
Genetic Woman x2
Grapple Blocker x2
Mind Protector x2
Mind Master x1
Master Gig x1
Krebons x2
Overdrive Teleporter x1
Pandaborg x3
Power Injector x2
Psychic Commander x2
Psychic Emperor x1
Psychic Snail x2
Reinforced Human Psychic Borg x2
Storm Caller x1
Telekinetic Shocker x2
Time Escaper x2
SpellsBrain Research Lab x3
Psychic Sword x2
Teleport x2
Magic Planter x2
Psi-Impulse x2
Psychic Feel Zone x2
Psychic Path x2
Psychokinesis x2
TrapsMind Over Matter x2
Brain Hazard x2
Supernatural Regeneration x2
Psychic Soul x2
Psychic Trigger x2
ExtraMagical Android x2
Hyper Psychic Blaster x2
Psychic Lifetrancer x2
Thought Ruler Archfiend x2
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