Adamatia – Side Options (Master Rule 5)

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Adamatia Rise - Dragite
Submission Date: January 16th 2020
Author: TKMagnus
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This deck can use a lot of nice tech options in the side or even in the main deck.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterKoa'ki Meiru Guardian x1
Adamatia Crysta - Dragite x3
Adamatia Crysta - Leonite x3
Adamatia Crysta - Raptite x2
The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion x1
Doki Doki x2
Adamatia Analyzer x3
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
Adamatia Seeker x3
Adamatia Researcher x3
Block Dragon x1
SpellsAdamatia Sign x3
Foolish Burial x1
Terraforming x1
Called by the Grave x3
Archfiend's Oath x2
Adamatia Raputite x3
TrapsAdamatia Resonance x2
ExtraDragun of Red-Eyes x1
Adamatia Rise - Dragite x1
Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon x1
Borreload Savage Dragon x1
Stardust Dragon x1
Adamatia Rise - Leonite x1
Adamatia Rise - Raptite x1
Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier x1
Coral Dragon x1
Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star x1
Gallant Granite x1
Borrelsword Dragon x1
Saryuja Skull Dread x1
Crystron Needlefiber x1
Union Carrier x1
SideTen Thousand Dragon x1
Nibiru, the Primal Being x3
Koa'ki Meiru Overload x1
Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo x1
Barrier Statue of the Drought x1
Amano-Iwato x1
Hop Ear Squadron x1
PSY-Framelord Omega x1
Metaphys Horus x1
Vulcan the Divine x1
Naturia Beast x1
Gigantes x3
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