Accelerated Fusion

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Ritual Beast Ulti-Gaiapelio
Submission Date: September 15th 2018
Author: Rowenid
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This deck excels at giving the user options, you can:

Focus on summoning Gaiapelio to stop your opponents effects,or use Vylon Disigma/Malevolent Sin to get rid of a monster,

switch monsters on to the fly to suit any occasion with gladiator beasts,

or disrupt your opponent's momentum with Cairngorgon.

try it out to see if you like it

Deck List
MonsterRitual Beast Tamer Zefrawendi x1
Ritual Beast Tamer Zeframpilica x3
Ritual Beast Tamer Wen x2
Spiritual Beast Cannahawk x2
Spiritual Beast Rampengu x1
Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda x2
Spiritual Beast Apelio x2
Gladiator Beast Bestiari x2
Gladiator Beast Hoplomus x1
Gladiator Beast Retiari x1
Gladiator Beast Samnite x1
Gladiator Beast Darius x1
Gladiator Beast Lanista x1
Gladiator Beast Noxious x2
Gladiator Beast Augustus x1
Gladiator Beast Spartacus x1
Gladiator Beast Octavius x1
SpellsRitual Beast Return x1
Ritual Beast's Bond x1
Gladiator Beast's Battle Gladius x1
Gladiator Beast's Battle Manica x2
Gladiator Beast's Respite x2
Colosseum - Cage of the Gladiator Beasts x2
Magical Mallet x1
Set Rotation x1
Wiseman's Chalice x1
Oracle of Zefra x1
Palace of the Elemental Lords x1
Gladiator Proving Ground x1
TrapsRitual Beast Ambush x1
Gladiator Beast War Chariot x2
Fusion Guard x1
Graverobber x1
Spell Reclamation x1
Pendulum Back x1
Legacy of Yata-Garasu x1
ExtraRitual Beast Ulti-Gaiapelio x1
Gladiator Beast Nerokius x1
Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor x2
Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio x2
Gladiator Beast Gyzarus x1
Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk x1
Gladiator Beast Gaiodiaz x1
Gladiator Beast Heraklinos x1
Vylon Disigma x1
Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight x2
Number 70: Malevolent Sin x2
SideTrap Reclamation x1
Foolish Return x1
Supply Squad x1
Summon Breaker x1
Hope for Escape x1
Gladiator Beast Hoplomus x1
Spiritual Beast Rampengu x1
Gladiator Beast Retiari x1
Gladiator Beast Samnite x1
Gladiator Beast Secutor x1
Gladiator Beast Bestiari x1
Gladiator Beast Equeste x1
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