ABCVWXYZ Dragon Cannon

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon
Submission Date: November 29th 2021
Author: AidenB
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Write your deck strategy here... Use the control cards to keep your opponents deck at bay to summon your powerful extra deck monsters. And use the return cards to easily get your combos set. And finally, use Union Hangar and Frontline Base to get the combos in efficiently.

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SpellsFrontline Base x2
D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation x1
Monster Reborn Reborn x1
Union Hangar x2
Pot of Duality x1
Monster Reincarnation x1
Pot of Avarice x1
Burial from a Different Dimension x3
Shard of Greed x1
Monster Reborn x1
Enemy Controller x1
TrapsDrowning Mirror Force x2
Bye Bye Damage x1
Storming Mirror Force x1
Mirror Force x2
Quaking Mirror Force x2
Call of the Haunted x1
XYZ Hyper Cannon x1
Blazing Mirror Force x1
Mirror Force Launcher x1
MonsterC-Crush Wyvern x2
Silver Gadget x1
Armed Dragon LV3 x2
X-Head Cannon x2
W-Wing Catapult x2
Gold Gadget x1
V-Tiger Jet x2
A-Assault Core x2
Z-Metal Tank x2
Armed Dragon LV7 x1
B-Buster Drake x1
Y-Dragon Head x2
Armed Dragon LV5 x1
ExtraLANphorhynchus x1
Platinum Gadget x1
Decode Talker x1
VW-Tiger Catapult x1
VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon x1
XZ-Tank Cannon x1
YZ-Tank Dragon x1
XYZ-Dragon Cannon x1
ABC-Dragon Buster x1
A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon x1
SideAsh Blossom & Joyous Spring x1
Ceasefire x2
Solemn Strike x1
Solemn Judgment x1
Imperial Order x1
Royal Decree x1
Anti-Spell Fragrance x1
Galaxy Cyclone x1
Wave-Motion Cannon x1
Mirage Dragon x1
Spell Canceller x1
Jinzo x1

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