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  • Merik2013 (2 hours ago): Wow... Toaster Duel... nice one auto correct.
  • Merik2013 (2 hours ago): How are you going to refactor the strategy now that Chaos Ruler is banned in the TCG? The only go to level 8 dark dragon synchro we have is Scarlight. Though, that does mean cards like Red Screen become options again. Also, the Small World thing is mostly in regards toaster Duel since they limited Prosperity for some reason.
  • Matatoskr (4 hours ago): Ayy i had the same idea. Check my deck out. I also use the exosisters as well. Gets everything flowing nicely  
  • Naka (5 hours ago): This is Kiryu's nightmare
  • Builder95 (8 hours ago): Scythe Go Brrrr
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