[4FUN] D3s Frogs: Control Deck (April 2020) | No OTK

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Swap Frog
Submission Date: April 20th 2020
Author: TenshiOfWar
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This deck is made so that you can face different types of opponents with its versatily. However, your main objective is to play around Swap Frog. You can normal summon Swap Frog and activate its effect to send to the graveyard (from your hand or deck) one T.A.D.P.O.L.E. or Ronintoadin, or other frogs such as Treeborn Frog so you can use them from the graveyard. If your opponent prevents you from interacting with the graveyard, some magic cards or a Unifrog come to your help. But which card should I send to the graveyard? Well, it depends on the situation, if you have one Des Frog in your hand I would suggest T.A.D.P.O.L.E.. Anyway, after that you can activate the second effect of your Swap Frog and get it in your hand again, so you can special summon it for the second time in your turn (with a "Frog" tribute from your hand) and send another card to the graveyard. If your tribute is another T.A.D.P.O.L.E. and in one turn you manage to send three of them in the graveyard, you only need one Des Frog in your hand so you can get three of them on the field. If you have Polymerization you can fusion summon D.3.S Frog and play around power. Anyway, this is a control deck because the majority of time you won't be able to summon D.3.S Frog. This is not a problem since many cards can counter or destroy it. That's why, if you can early in the game, you can summon Toadally Awesome in one turn (which is very easy to do) and take control of the field with its effects. You only need one "Frog" tribute and you'll never run out of frogs since you can get them back from the graveyard. Toadally Awesome may look like a troll card (especially because of its name lmao) but it can deny every monster effect, magic or trap card when activated and it's not finished yet! If you want you can take control of that magic/trap card and place it on the field! Awesome!


Don't give up. If the situation is hard, you can try to play around Dupe Frog or Beelze Frog in combination with Wetlands and Aquarium Stage. Beelze Frog is not so powerful to combo with the rest of your deck alone, but its attack increases for every T.A.D.P.O.L.E. in the graveyard. Not bad! Also, if you need it, you can always count on playing defensive with Aquarium Stage, so that you won't lose Life Points and your frogs won't be destroyed in battle. If you don't have Aquarium Stage you can try by playing Dupe Frog in defense mode (if it goes to the graveyard you can special summon Swap Frog easily) and with trap cards such as Mirror Force to protect your monsters until you get the right cards. This is really common in the first turn if you don't have Swap Frog immediately, so don't give up until your LP goes to zero, you still have a chance!


Exactly. You don't need it. I feel like Substitoad is not necessary since all it does you can do it with other monsters such as Dupe Frog or Ronintoadin. I mean, you can add if you want, of course it's a banned card, but since this deck is not an OTK it doesn't really fit well.


I put one Froggy Forcefield and two Mirror Force cards to show you how it's really up to you. Let's be honest, Mirror Force is stronger that Froggy Forcefield. Why? Well, let's say the enemy can directly attack your Life Points. Froggy Forcefield is completely useless in this case. Moreover, you need to control one "Frog" monster on the field, and since you can play defensive until you get the right card without taking damage, it can be a useless card to draw in most situations. That's why Mirror Force can be more useful in many situations, but some cards can counter it. That's also why I always suggest a different variety of cards, even if the final result if the same, such as Unifrog and Mystical Space Typhoon, even though Unifrog will be a tribute the majority of time.


I put that in the deck because I wanted to show you a non-banned deck. However, I never play Moray of Greed since I prefer Pot of Greed a lot and I don't care about tournaments. I just play for fun like playing against a friend, which is the main purpose of this deck: for fun. Moreover, Pot of Greed is useful when you only get magic cards and you don't have monsters, a situation where Moray of Greed lacks a lot. It can be also used when you want to find Polymerization faster. So, in the end, unless you are going pvp or you can't use banned cards, go with Pot of Greed.


This is a useful card to burst damage your opponent especially when you fusion summon D.3.S Frog. You can use it just before Polymerization to clear the field and burst your damage. It will be more efficient if you have 3 Treeborn Frog cards in the graveyard. Remember some frogs are considered "Des Frog" when on the field.


Feel free to use this deck or to modify it according to your personal tastes, which I always recommend! This is my favourite version after trying different ones because I feel like it fits my playstyle and it can be very versatile in most situations. Have fun!

Toggle Deck List
MonsterDes Frog x3
Treeborn Frog x3
Swap Frog x3
Dupe Frog x3
Beelze Frog x2
Flip Flop Frog x1
Unifrog x1
Ronintoadin x2
T.A.D.P.O.L.E. x3
SpellsWetlands x3
Des Croaking x2
Moray of Greed x3
Aquarium Stage x2
Polymerization x3
Raigeki x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x2
TrapsFroggy Forcefield x1
Mirror Force x2
ExtraD.3.S. Frog x3
Toadally Awesome x3
SidePot of Greed x3

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