2020 Mega Tins: Reprinted Cards Breakdown!


The 2020 Lost Tin of Memories which release in August is a main product to look out for! Let’s check out some of the great reprints that we can expect to pull. It’s also a nice way for the overall prices of the cards to go down!

The complete set list can be viewed here.

Main Set Cards

Savage Strike

Borreload Savage Dragon

Firstly, SAST starts us off hot with two premier reprints! Borreload Savage Dragon and Pot of Extravagance are certainly appreciated, as this should mean they will be more accessible for everyone. Two great and semi-generic cards that fit in a wide range of decks.

Borreload Savage is one of the strongest generic level eight synchros out there, able to amass high amounts of attack and have omni-negation against both cards and effects. A huge majority of decks are able to readily make use of it.

Neo Space Connector is a greatly appreciated reprint which is currently seeing high amounts of meta play. A one-card Isolde with a potential hand rip and complete knowledge is very much welcome in Infernoble.

Neos Fusion is plenty decent too thanks to the extreme power Rainbow Neos provides as a going second tool. If used properly, it can completely blow your opponent out of the water and leave them scrambling for answers.

The Guardragon Duo of Elpy and Pisty are nice for Dragon-based strategies like Dragon Link which are currently one of the top decks, next to threats like Infernoble Knight, Adamancipator, Eldlich, and Invoked/Shaddoll Dogmatika.

After that, we have Phantazmay which is a nice hand trap that gets decent play here in and out of formats depending on how the meta shapes out.

Cyberse Quantum Dragon is a nice generic synchro that will be easier to get, and Subterror Guru is a welcome sight to see.

Danger! Ogopogo! is a neat reprint and rarity bump to get. Time Thief Redoer receives a well-deserved upgrade too!

Dark Neostorm

Cherubini, Ebon Angel of the Burning Abyss

DANE brings a lot of high-quality cards that are now cheap to pick up! Cherubini is one of the better choices.

Avramax, Brotaur, Cynet Mining, and Gnomaterial serve as nice cards to boot for the other Secret Rares.

Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax remains a useful Link-4 that has good utility in both going first or second! In addition to that, it can protect your key monsters from being attacked.

For example, he can guard for dangerous monsters but have low attack stats such as Herald of the Arc Light or a Barrier Statue (e.g Stormwinds) who can win the game outright thanks to their lockdown effects.

Those aren’t the only ones to work with, of course! Cards like Winda and Fossil Dyna count too. Both Shaddoll and Block Burning Abyss were able to utilize this strategy to great effect.

Avramax is also able to nearly muscle past every Special Summoned monster, allowing heavy damage and removal in a pinch. If your opponent manages to get rid of it, it also leaves a nasty non-targeting removal effect as a bonus.

Cynet Mining is a huge boost to nearly every Cyberse strategy out there, providing high amounts of consistency and even GY setup all in one card. Decks like Salamangreat, Code Talkers, @Ignisters, and Marincess all love this card.

Lastly, the new Evil Twins are able to use this card due to their main starters being Cyberse.

Mystic Mine is a powerful floodgate, win condition, and board breaking tool in one. Crackdown is a good pickup for trap decks too.

Rising Rampage

Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess

Apollousa is one of the biggest chase cards of the set (aside from Red Eyes Dark Dragoon). It certainly shocked the world by receiving a much-appreciated reprint in Ultra Rare.

The Bow of the Goddess now exists in an affordable manner for most people who wish to make use of her talents.

Apollo sports an extremely easy summoning condition and potential for multiple monster effect negations thanks to her non-OPT negate. For instance, shutting off your opponent’s plays by firing multiple disruptions at the cost of her attack. A small price to pay and the payoff is quite big to boot!

She also protects your deck from the threat of Nibiru and whatnot, making her a great option to run for most combo routes. A good majority of decks are able to play through her strengths and support the card with other threats on the board. Therefore, ending up with a really resilient field. In conclusion, Apollo is a scary threat to deal with for your opponent and a reliable pick for a good number of decks.

Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher is another reprint to look out for. An easy to use threat with a great level and removal that can be placed in almost any deck.

Chaos Impact

I:P Masquerena

I:P Masquerena is the main star of the show for CHIM as it’s certainly a versatile Link monster to work with. Flexible materials and a quick effect make I:P a handy tool.

I:P lets you go into threats like Knightmare Unicorn or a Link-4 during your opponent’s turn to really bring the hurt! The card that uses her as Link Material also gains some protection as a nice upside.

Adamancipator certainly isn’t the only deck that can make use of Masquerena! A wide variety of them can use her to go into cards like Avramax, Unchained Abomination, or Accesscode Talker on your turn too.

She also lets you use monsters that are just stuck on your turn due to their restrictions. Both Verte Anaconda and Carrier tend to be left on the field after they’ve been used. However, Masq turns them into handy Link Material to get around this downside!

Unchained Abomination gets a nifty reprint too. It’s always been a decent and reliable choice for several pops. While not as game-winning as some of its other Link-4 options, it’s a fine option that can put in a lot of work.

Starliege Seyfert and Striker Dragon are now cheap for aspiring Dragon Link players! These cards pull a lot of weight in a game to game basis, so they’re nice to get for the deck.

Side Set Cards

The Infinity Chasers

Infinitrack Fortress Megaclops

INCH being in the tin was great for toning down the price of some of the hard to get secrets in the box.

Megaclops is one of the big ones as a boss monster for certain decks like Zoodiac who can pump out many Xyz monsters without a hitch.

Madame Verre and Haine are funky reprints that make Witchcrafter more budget-friendly.

Serziel and Infinitrack Anchor Drill are huge in making the decks less of a wallet buster, allowing more players to give them a whirl without much worry.


To sum it up, the 2020 Lost Tin of Memories has a little something for everyone. There are a lot of great reprinted cards that are no longer painful for the wallet overall. Moreover, there’s also the new Ultra rare card that everyone’s looking out for.

What’s your favorite reprint of the set? Did you enjoy the 4 new cards in the tin?

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