ZuGaGoDo Main Deck Rank 4 Engine

Deck Information
Deck Type: Tutorial Decks
Deck Master: Utopic Onomatopoeia
Submission Date: March 3rd 2021
Author: Yugi Papi
YGOPRODeck File Download

Just a little engine to splash level 4's on board.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterUtopic Onomatopoeia x3
Zubababancho Gagagacoat x3
Dodododwarf Gogogoglove x3
Dododo Witch x3
Gogogo Gigas x1
SpellsOnomatopaira x3
Onomatopickup x3
Dodododraw x3

Yugi Papi

Orcustrated Duelist. Dark Magician collector that ventured into the competitive scene using Orcusts prior to it being meta! Currently using several other decks and consistently exploring as the meta develops.

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