Zodiac Light (via Stormesp) V0.1

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta
Deck Master: Zoodiac Bullhorn
Deck Version: 0.1
Latest Revision Date: 6th October 2016
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Zoodiac Light Deck Structure


Credit to Stormesp for Deck and Strategy submission.

LunaLight Juunishishi is a deck that benefits from the strength of both archetypes. Juunishishi Molmorat gives us easy acces to xyz Juunishishi Spam, Bullhorn mainly, and Bullhorn searches all of the Lunalights on the deck. This, plus Tenki at 3 and LunaLight Perfume at 3 too makes this deck consistency very High.

The main strategy for the deck Should Be Summoning Leo Dancer or Phanter Dancer and Swing for game with their effects. Juunishishis gives us acces to Drancia wich can help us clear the opponent field and also easy acces to Utopic Future wich enables OTK and has a lot of protection.

It’s hard to describe all the possible plays in a combo fusion deck so in this video you can see a lot of replays with interesting combo plays:

Potential Combos
Deck Combo 1. Molmorat (Searchable by Tenki and Elemental Triangle) or Speedroid Terrortop.
-O1: SS Terrotop
-O2: Search Taketomborg
-O3: SS Taketomborg
-O4: XYZ M-X Saber Invoker
-O5: Use M-X to summon Molmorat
-1: Xyz Molmorat for Bullhorn
-2: Detach Molmorat to summon the second Molmorat from the deck
-3 Overlay the new Molmorat for Tigress
-4 Use Tiggress to attach Molmorat to Bullhorn again
-5 Use Bullhorn to search a Lunalight. Black Sheep for searching Polymerization, Wolf for doing fusions with the graveyard. Tiger to summon a Lunalight from the graveyard or whatever you need.
-6 Overlay Bullhorn and Tigress into Number F0: Utopic Future
-7 Continue your Lunalight PlaysDeck
Deck Combo 2. Lunalight Tiger, Elemental Triangle of the Zoodiac Beasts.
-1 Set Tiger as a Scale
-2 Use her effect to Special Summon a Lunalight from your graveyard.
-3 Activate Elemental Triangle targetting Tiger in your Pendulum Scale zone.
-4 The effect of Elemental Triangle summons a Molmorat from your deck
-5 The effect of Tiger being destroyed will let you summon a second Lunalight from your graveyard.
-6 Xyz into Bullhorn with Molmorat and do Combo 1.
-You will end with a Lunalight in hand (Preferably Black Sheep, White rabbit or Wolf) and Two Lunalight Monsters plus Utopic Future on the field. Now you can continue your Lunalight fusion combos.


Deck List
Monsters Lunalight Wolf x2
Lunalight Crimson Fox x2
Lunalight Blue Cat x2
Lunalight Tiger x2
Lunalight White Rabbit x2
Lunalight Black Sheep x3
Zoodiac Molmorat x3
Speedroid Terrortop x2
Speedroid Taketomborg x1
Spells Polymerization x2
Luna Light Perfume x3
Fire Formation – Tenki x3
Fire Formation – Tensu x1
Elemental Triangle of the Zoodiac Beasts x1
Fusion Recovery x3
Allure of Darkness x2
Instant Fusion x2
Fusion Tag x1
Twin Twister x2
Fusion Substitute x1
Traps Seasonal Direction to the Zoodiac x1
Extras Lunalight Leo Dancer x2
Lunalight Panther Dancer x2
Lunalight Cat Dancer x2
Elder Entity Norden x1
Zoodiac Bullhorn x3
Zoodiac Tigress x1
Zoodiac Drancia x1
M-X-Saber Invoker x1
Number F0: Utopic Future x1
Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer x1

Deck Revisions

  • V0.1
    • TBA.
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