Downloading Decks Guide

PC Versions of YGOPRO

Browse to a the page of a deck you would like to download (or view/build it in our deck builder).

Select the download button on either the deck page or the deck builder to download the .ydk deck file (some very old decks on the site are in a .zip file so they will need to be extracted first).

Deck Builder Example
Deck Page Example

Drop the .ydk file into the “deck” folder of your YGOPRO installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\YGOPro\deck). The deck should now show up in the game.

Deck Folder on Windows


YGOPRO 2 operates the same as the above for decks. Simply drop it into the deck folder to view it in-game.

YGOPRO2 deck manager has much more options.

Mobile (Android/iOS) versions of YGOPRO

You can also download decks from the website and drop them into the “deck” folder of your YGOPRO install on android devices.

Download the deck as per above and then follow these steps:

  • The file should download to the “downloads” folder on your phone.
  • Browse to that folder, hold press on the file and select move/copy.
  • Browse to the YGOPRO folder, then into decks and paste the file into that folder.


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