YGOPRO 2.0 alpha has now been released!

Download can be found on the YGOPRO Percy discord server located here.

Anti-Metaman’s HQ image downloader can be found here. This is used to auto-download the card images.

A video demo can be viewed here. Warning: Loud.

All decks on the site are fully compatible with YGOPRO 2.0. Please remember, this is an alpha.

Current Changelog:

  • You can turn on/off selective animations.
  • You can adjust the opacity of monster closeups.
  • Faster with memory leaks fixed.
  • New option called “Read Steiner” which let’s you go back a turn to replay an action or event.
  • New cards, pics, scripts, and banlist.
  • Snrk’s ImageDownloader that let’s you download all the pics automatically from HQ Project.
  • Bugs in AI and Puzzle mode will exist, but those bugs will not appear on servers.
  • To connect to mercury, change 0x133C to 0x133D.
Duel view.
New Settings Menu
Extra deck summoning.
In-game full deck manager.
The edit deck screen is chock full of animation.
The edit deck screen is chock full of animation.


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