YGOPRO 2.0 alpha has now been released!


  • Updated and enchanced graphics from YGOPRO1. Built on the Unity engine.
  • Visually improved deck builder with much more options.
  • Comprehensive in-game settings menu.
  • AI mode.
  • Support for all .ydk files (including every deck on YGOPRODeck)
  • Visually improved battle system.
  • Link Summoning Support.

Currently there is no option for custom music in YGOPRO2. The feature should arrive in the future.

Installation (step by step):

    1. Visit this Duelists Unite forum thread to access the download links. You will need to be logged in on their site.
    2. Once logged in, “Like” the main post by Anti-Metaman to make the download links appear.
    3. You will then have access to the YGOPRO2 download files.

Make sure to “like” the post to make the download appear.

Click the Download Link Once it Appears

    1. Once the downloaded has completed extract the files.
    2. Run the updater.exe in the extracted files. This updates the card scripts (especially important for Link Summons!).
    3. The images can be obtained from either the High Quality Card Project (by AntiMetaman) which can be found here or from theYGOPRO Image Updater, the tool can be found here.
    4. Lastly, the card database needs to be updated. Go back to the duelist unite discord server, into the #welcome channel and download the link-prerelease.cdb file.

  1. For the remaining .cdb files, download YGOPRO Percy (instructions here) and copy the files from the expansions/live2017 folder in ygopro percy to the cdb folder in YGOPRO2

Current Changelog:

  • Link Summoning (has bugs but works overall)
  • Auto-updater (last time you’ll ever have to download)
  • ImageUpdater (fixed and can now download all styles directly from hq project.)


Duel view.
New Settings Menu
Extra deck summoning.
In-game full deck manager.
The edit deck screen is chock full of animation.
The edit deck screen is chock full of animation.

Other YGOPRO Installation Guides

To view guides for other YGOPRO Versions, click on the following image:


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