YGOD Points System

Earn points for Giveways

YGOPRODeck has a user based “points” system that is currently used for entry into giveaways. These are known as YGOD points (YGOPRODeck Points).

Giveaways will have a minimum point requirement that users will need to hit to enter. Lower priced giveaways will have a lower point requirement while higher priced giveaways will have a high point requirement. This gives back to the people who have stayed with the site longer than others.

How to acquire YGOD points you ask? As follows:

  • 10 points awarded for registering on the site.
  • 3 points awarded for a daily visit to the site.
  • 1 point awarded for liking a deck/article.
  • 5 points awarded for commenting on a deck/article. Award limited to 3 per day. (low effort “here for the points” styled comments will be penalized).
  • 2 points awarded per forum post/reply (includes the creation of topics, i.e, 2 points awarded for topic creation).
  • 10 points award for each donation of €1. So a donation of €5 will net you 50 points. See note below.

Again, low effort comments/forum posts will be penalized and a deduction of points from your account may occur based on severity. Also please note, the donation points may have a small delay in being awarded. Please be patient but they will be award as soon as possible.

Please note, if you donate through PayPal then please remember to select Add special instructions for the Recipient and add your username so the account can be credited. Otherwise you will need to contact me at [email protected] or at my twitter @ygoprodeck.

Example of some giveaways (theoretical values, just examples):

  • 200 points to enter a monthly giveaway for Dark Magician/Dark Magician Girl combo from The Dark Side of Dimensions pack.
  • 500 points to enter a monthly giveaway for 2 Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon cards from The Dark Side of Dimensions pack.
  • 300 points to enter a monthly giveaway for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn of Destiny on Xbox.

To view the amount of YGOD points you have. Select PROFILE in the menu bar and then select “Profile” on the left hand side.



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