Trinity Format Yugioh

Additional Trinity Rules:

Neither player can Normal/Special Summon Effect Monster(s) more than 3 times each turn.
The Minimum Maindeck Size is 30.
Usually, Decks cannot include more than 1 copy of each Unlimited card.

No Longer On List

These cards have been removed from the Forbidden List since the previous List.

Trinity Yugioh Co-Forbidden

Trinity Yugioh Semi-Forbidden

Trinity Yugioh Forbidden


Decks may include up to 3 copies of any Unbound card, without needing to increase the maindeck size.

    All Unbound Cards:

  • All non-pendulum Normal Monsters

Please note that the following cards, which fit the criteria for this section, are not unbound;

– Slash Draw (is Co-Forbidden)

– Wavering Eyes (is Co-Forbidden)

– Jackpot 7 (is Forbidden)