Tournament Rules

The YGOPRODeck tournament rules are as follows:

  1. Matches will be played through YGOPRO Percy on PC (Join their discord server here to download the client). DevPro servers are unstable at the moment.
  2. You need to be a member of the site. The signup process will be done with your YGOPRODeck username. If you are not a member, your submission will be discarded.
  3. Tournaments will be open for a two-week period. This does not mean the tournament will last that long, it just means the tournament must be concluded by two weeks.
  4. Unless specified on the Tournament page, Duelists must use the same deck throughout the tournament.
  5. Duelists who are paired together will both decide upon the time to duel each-other.
  6. Each opponent will duel using the Match system (best of 3). The winner of the Match progress to the next round.
  7. If you cannot contact a duelist/there is no response from your paired duelist after 48 hours then they automatically forfeit and you progress to the next round. No exceptions.
  8. Use the forum to organize time/dates with your fellow duelists, under “Dueling Organization“. You can also Private Message the user under their profile via the profile link
  9. Disconnects from duels generally result in a loss of a round (not Match) for the disconnected player unless both players agree to re-duel.
  10. Replays of each duel must be saved by the duelist who won and appropriately named “duelist1 name” vs “duelist2 name”. Failure to do so may result in a disqualification. Replays will be sent to [email protected]
  11. Once you have completed your duel, please contact me at the above email with the replays attached. I will then update the bracket. Please keep viewing the bracket to determine who your next opponent is and wait for them to finish their current duel.
  12. The Top 3 Ranked Duelists of YGOPRODeck will have automatic entry into every Tournament (unless specified) should they wish to participate. Ranking system can be viewed here.
  13. YGOPRO Percy duel settings must be set to the following:



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