1. Should I use YGOPRO or DEVPro?
    • The choice is yours. Deep down at the very core both are the same and each have then been overlayed with different features. Try them both and see which one you prefer. The .ydk deck format is compatible with both of these systems.
  2. Explain Anime Decks?
    • The thought behind this is to create fun Anime decks based off the Yu-Gi-Oh anime characters. The decks don’t have to be 1:1 based but they should be similar. You then import that deck into YGOPRO and play against it, preferably using a non-meta deck.
  3. What is the DevPro Users Category?
    • This category has been created because I was given access to 150+ DevPro decks. Unfortunately these decks had no author, strategy or combo section supplied with them so I created a separate section where they could all be bundled together. Please note, this does not mean they are only compatible with DevPro. So far, out of all the ones I tested, they are also compatible with YGOPRO. If they are not, I will add a short note next to the download section.
  4. Why isn’t my deck being published?
    • At the moment I am the only person working on this site. Generally I will have to download your file, test it, upload it, write the post for it and so on. And that’s if it makes it through the approval process. Give it time and it should appear on the site.
  5. Why are some meta deck combos missing?
    • Personally, I am not a meta player. I have no idea how the meta is run other than keeping an eye on the scene myself. I don’t know many of the meta combos. If you have any in mind then shoot me an email here.
  6. Why is the thumbnail card image wrong?
    • Thanks for letting me know! Sometimes I miss these things. If you find anymore please email me here.
  7. I have a video for a deck I used on this site. Can you use it?
    • I sure can! Feel free to send me a link to the video here. Preferably uploaded to YouTube. I will review it and add it to the post if necessary. I will generally keep the amount of embedded videos on a post limited so even if the video is fantastic it may not be added.


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