Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Submission Date: November 4th 2019
Author: TonOfClay21
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Still testing

Toggle Deck List
MonsterBlack Dragon's Chick x1
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning x1
Black Metal Dragon x1
Buster Blader x1
Copycat x1
Magician of Faith x1
Marshmallon x1
Meteor Dragon x1
Red-Eyes B. Dragon x1
Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon x1
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x1
Red-Eyes Baby Dragon x1
Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon x1
Red-Eyes Retro Dragon x1
Skilled White Magician x1
The Black Stone of Legend x1
SpellsChange of Heart x1
Fissure x1
Gold Sarcophagus x1
Lightning Vortex x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Pot of Greed x1
Red-Eyes Fusion x1
Return of the Dragon Lords x1
Scapegoat x1
United We Stand x1
White Veil x1
TrapsDimension Guardian x1
Magic Cylinder x1
Mirror Force x1
Mirror Wall x1
Monster Rebone x1
The Golden Apples x1
ExtraB. Skull Dragon x1
Red-Eyes Slash Dragon x1
Archfiend Black Skull Dragon x1
Meteor B. Dragon x1
Meteor Black Comet Dragon x1
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